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  1. local paper just raided a crack den in st leonards - made the locals' lives hell for 18months!!!! I lived in st leaonrds too a while back , had bike stoled from a locked garage several negihbours had break ins too , police can't do a damn thing about it!!! Just my experience living in St Leaonrds - but of course this would never happen to you tho (thats what I thought too!!!).
  2. http://www.thisisexeter.co.uk/news/Buyer-e...il/article.html Seems that the local paper is reporting yet more signs of property starting to recover in Exeter - but hold on "recover" from what ? As they never reported a crash in Exeter so what are they talking about? This paper once had an article reporting that a largish dev site was selling houses like hot cakes and that there were now only a last few remaining.... however this site is one I drive past to work so I know the same sign has been up " last ferw remaining" for 12-18 months!!!! So obviously it is utter rubbish.... all I see is mostly stagnation as properties appear to be "for sale" for many many months/years! If what they print is true then why is Exeter so immune frmo price drops and why is it gonna recover so quickly when unemployment in Exeter is rising so quickly? Is it people moving in from outside the area buying with cash perhaps? ANy thoughts?
  3. I have evidence that BTLs are starting to be sold off in Exeter - 2 of my previous landlord/ladies are selling off - one of them is selling 3 huge properties , the other a smaller property. The smaller property failed to sell some 12-18months ago and is now on for 10k less than was asked last time .... Why are they selling?
  4. The BTL sell off begins in Exeter....??? Noticed that my old landlord is selling 3 big properties in the centre of Exeter - I moved out from one of hsi properties about 2.5 years ago, this guy is a big BTL with many properties so I guess he must either be cashing in or in trouble...to be selling all 3 of his properties situauted very close together in the centre... Also, noticed another old landlady of mine is selling her property again. She tried 12-18 months ago but failed and has now re-advertised the property asking 10K less than she failed to sell at last time around...methinks she will nbeed to drop another 10k off teh asking price.... :-)
  5. That is rubbish - move out! Unless you are paying 10pound a week in rent do not put up with that nonsense!
  6. RUBBISH! ....the only thing rising after the next election will be TAXES...
  7. wot anyone would think he was 20 the way you guys are going on?
  8. Wot? so we dont even write our own jokes? we are rubbish...
  9. SHouldnt we be promoting public transport? isnt that the best way to go green...? Please dont dress this up as saving the environment as it so obviosly isnt!!!! This whole scheme appears more Brown than Green to me....
  10. i hope people get real and start to realise that we are all living way beyond our means - also I hope that people start to realise that they need to work and work hard to earn the right to the trappings of modern life. I hope that the easy ride for the lazy and expectant arrogant masses that think they are owed a lifestyle beyond their capability is coming to an end..... ...i doubt it will tho (until the national debt bubble and pensinos bubble casues problems in a few decades time) ....but maybe it will be different next time?
  11. We were told that we were betterr placed to weather the financial storm with low unemployment, low interest rates and string fundemantals blah de blah de blah - but then don't believe eveything that people tell you, especially politicians :-)
  12. computer says no - never increase your offer always decrease it
  13. free at point of access? - except for dental charges, prescription charges etc etc we pay for the FREE NHS through NI taxes and then pay again with our hard earned cash(which has also been income taxed) for prescription charges, dental charges , sight test s etc etc The NHS is not free - even at point of access - never will be!
  14. Dont they all look smug in those photos patting each other on the bank... it seems that Obarman was the main focus of attention
  15. green custard anyone - he is a t0sser and as for Brown - C U Next Tuesday (not literally!)
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