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  1. Wales used to be balkanised - it was called having proper local government. However, since 1996 the number of Welsh local authorities have been drastically reduced, first to 22, and now the Welsh Government in Cardiff Bay wants to see this reduced to just eight. My view is that if the question of abolishing devolution in its entirety were to be put to Welsh voters next Thursday, it would be approved. All that the WG has done for me is impose a 5p tax on plastic bags and pressured local councils into limiting the amount of rubbish I can put out for the dustmen, under threat of a £75 fine.
  2. A thoughtful post, but even given the No result, it has touched off an orgy of constitutional navel gazing that is going to absorb everyone's energies for the next few years.
  3. But based on the North East vote in 2004, English people don't want them. Maybe that's why there's so much enthusiasm for city regions - they look deceptively like local government.
  4. But we rest, satisfied that we are enlightened.
  5. The southern rebels said pretty much the same after Appomattox.
  6. Ah well, since we are back to arguing, I must ask you for your opinion about the Scottish vote and its effects on Wales. If the Scots won't vote for independence, it makes the prospects for a welsh state recede somewhat - until the Sun balloons into a red giant.
  7. For once I agree with you - city regions is a sort of buzz word idea of the day without anything to back it up. i read that Haywood report for work purposes - I had no idea she was married to Mr Orange Tan.
  8. But the current situation is impossible too. And if you have an English PM - the natural outcome of an English parliament - where does that put the position of a British PM?
  9. I think my anaology was perfectly aposite. Austerity from Camoron or austerity from Merkel and Draghi.
  10. People with cancer are getting chucked off employment support allowance or whatever it's called.
  11. I have not taken my lead from the media - as I recall, the media are bitterly against anyone who opposes the EU. I have experience of the nationalists in Wales - they have permanent hard-ons for Brussels and they are no different in Scotland. You make me think of some poor man in the middle of poland in 1939, wondering whether he should go west and live under German rule, or east to exist under Soviet rule.
  12. That video is ludicicrous. If rigging had gone on, the place to do it would have been the postal vote stage, not right out in the open before cameras. 1. The first lady swapping votes between Yes and No looks like she is trying to work out where to put a small number of ballots - the small number probably relates to the fact that they are 'spoiled' in some way - perhaps a mark that crosses both boxes, a comment written in a box, or something that makes the counters uncertain. These uncertain votes are usually taken up with the agents for the respective sides before being put into the final vo
  13. The idea of Scottish independence was bogus - without any attempt to leave the EU or utilise its own currency, the independence on offer was as genuine as the sort you would find in the old South African bantustans. In any event, I fail to see how small countries are going to have anything other than less ability to stand up to the global mega-corporations.
  14. Alex Salmond was allowed to choose the wording, the timing and the regulations around who was allowed to vote.
  15. You underestimate the effects of the value of sterling being allowed to shoot up to astronomical levels on a wave of North Sea Oil, which simply priced British goods off the marrket. See Philip Stephens - "Politics and the Pound."
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