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  1. I feel fine, sold my house in November for full asking price and will now be renting for as long as it takes. ! All first time buyers should be glad if they cant get a mortgage, why would you want to borrow money to buy an asset which is falling in price ??????
  2. If Gold breaks the 905 level i think we could see quite a big leg down... Helping it on its way could be a fall in price of Oil and the $ strengthing. I think long term will be fine but could still see a nasty doropmay as far as $600 level.
  3. When Gold hit $1000 it was always going to come off a few $. It's like Oil, it touched $100 and didn't get back there for a while. Once Gold trades thru $1000 again and all the sellers have gone then it will really motor, it has been attempting this break for nearly 2 weeks
  4. remember inflation is only at 2.2%.....i trust our Govt.. (not)
  5. There is not a shortage of housing. There are about 35 3 bed semis for sale in a 2 mile radius from my house...I am in London suburb. The only people who say they is a shortage are the ones who try to justify the reason house prices are so high. Just accept it for what is is ...'A speculative bubble' House prices left fundamentals behind around 7 years ago !!
  6. I think Asian markrts will take Gold and Silver to new highs tomorrow, the indexes are firm so is Oil. After a couple of weeks attempting new highs this is when we break through. All thanks to the Fed for cutting interest rates and diverting money into Gold. !!...
  7. Perhaps house prices are rallying again after the interest rate cut !!
  8. i'm long Silver on spread betting...it really is rollarcoaster stuff. Look how it has rallied now it has broken it's high again...looks like it is going to out perform Gold !!
  9. The Producer prices today were really inflationary....I agree the CPI and RPI will only be small up tomorrow and fiddled as usual. RPI should be about 8% in reality
  10. One thing there will not be is a stalemate for any length of time Once it gets in the nations psyche that house prices are actually falling do you think sellers are going to for a nice orderly queue. If I was selling my house I would do it now before another 5 people in my road all want to do the same thing !
  11. What is interesting I found yesterday is that some estate agents are telling home owners to lower there prices to make a sale. It makes sense for them really, because they do not get paid anything while sellers are sitting tight and buyers are refusing to pay up. They EA's themseleves might be the ones who kick start the decline !!
  12. mysterious early afternoon smack-downs....seen that a few times ..usually when the yanks come in.. me thinks it the big net short players trying to flush out 'weak longs'...they acutally bury Silver on these smack downs...but I usually buy on these dips as the rallies are just as violent.
  13. Isn't this market just like the other booming 'poor' countries i.e Bulgaria, India....Where is your secondry market ?? if the locals earn only $20 a day ??
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