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  1. How humiliating knowing that Romanian Gypsies are claiming benefits she may have been entitled to if she had stayed in the UK. They probably have been given her council house as well. Yet she can't claim sh*t in Espana. It's rude not to laugh!


    March 20th is the deadline.
  3. "Irish Continue To Suffer Amid Economic Crisis" Good!
  4. America, F*ck yeah! Greatest country in the world (NOT!)

    On The Edge

    So, supposing this constant economic growth had come to a halt in the 1950's what do you think our quality of life would be like today then? Would all the advances since that time in medicine, technology, aviation etc still have happened?

    Harry Hills Tv Burb Tonight

    Harry Hill took the piss out of Phailure Phil a few years ago as well. He showed a clip of him pulling up on a motorbike, removing his crash hat and shaking his head.........as if he had a full head of hair.
  7. In tonights episode Harry took the piss out of Krusty Allsop. He introduced the piece by saying something like: Now the bottoms fallen out of the housing market she has had to find another passion.
  8. So it's risk off and rally on tomorrow folks!
  9. Not again. I still haven't recovered from the last credit crunch yet!
  10. OLDFTB

    Grab Some Bargain Banking Shares While You Can

    Yeah, buy bank shares and then sit back and watch them slide all the way to zero. Don't be suckered into this people.
  11. OLDFTB

    Homes From Hell

    No sympathy for the ex-Squaddie and his wife. They just made things worse for themselves. Should have taken the money they were offered (100k!)
  12. OLDFTB

    If Society Collapsed Next Month....

    If the worst case scenario really does happen then a decent soft toilet roll will be worth more than some gold.
  13. "My money (as of yesterday) is on a maintenance of what I call Dogmatic Denialism by the US, the EU, and the UK. Debt will not be forgiven, there will be no coordinated G20 strategy on either this or inflation, China is going to find itself the less than proud owner of self-inflicted stagflation on a grand scale, and over-leveraged Russia will struggle in an environment where industrial ennergy needs evaporate. In that context, some major defaults are a certainty – and thus the banking system in its current form will not survive. For Western property owners, that is the unfactored development. All things considered, I think we will be very lucky if the average domestic property correction this time next year is under 25%." http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/2011/06/29/crash-2-banking-crisis-wait-until-the-uk-property-bust-really-gets-going/
  14. £650K??? Thats peanuts for mortgage fraud. This mans an amateur!
  15. I've noticed this as well. Roads surprisingly quieter on my work run. I couldn't understand why at first, thought it was the school half-term but, no, they were back last week. So can only be down to one reason................rising fuel prices. It has cut my journey by up to ten minutes every day.

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