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  1. More Russians are now buying up properties in Bulgaria. Before it was mainly rich Russians who had luxury apartments in the capital, Sofia and along the Black Sea Coast. Now middle class Russians who are priced out of the Russian property market are now turning to Bulgaria en mass. Is this good news for those wanting to sell in Bulgaria? http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=211
  2. Detroit is making a few headlines at the moment. Property near the centre is going very cheap. However the place at the moment is very run down but will be receiving government aid to make it more habitable - it will take a couple of years though. Then there is New York which is expensive, as is most of the major cities in North America but then again the rental returns are high and well above average.
  3. Americans are starting to offload their second homes. Property is getting cheaper and many Americans are now starting to invest in Gold. Could it be a good time to buy in the USA.? http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=200
  4. Italy is somewhere that might be worth investing in the long term. The Italian government gives grants to buyers who purchase in rural areas. http://www.hiday.net/
  5. Points taken! However when you look at prices of flats in London, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester, 60 00 - 70 000 euros for an apartment in the French suburbs overlooking the Seine cant be bad. Surely whatever happens it is much better value than what is on offer in the UK at the moment. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=198
  6. France is being sold as the next property hotspot next to Turkey, Germany and Greece for 2008. Mainly due to favourable lending my French banks,; new low cost airline agreements and the French themselves investing their money in property instead of the stock market. Whether this will happen only time will tell. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=198
  7. Anbody considered buying in Brazil? Property is cheap and you can buy direct you dont need to form a company. Also Brazilian government has invested heavily in the tourist section last year. http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=197
  8. What constitutes a crash? Is it when house prices drop, say 40%. If this happens in 2008, or gradually over the next few years. It can then be argued that there hasn't really been a crash at all. Even if prices go back to what they were in 1998 (when people first stated talking about a correction in property prices) property will still be an overvalued asset in relation to income and wages. http://www.hiday.net/
  9. You mention Manchester, funnily enough properties there are like Brighton - there is always a demand because of the location - work etc. These apartments will sell eventually but not as an investment that will pay off your mortgage. Just too over priced! http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=195
  10. This sums up it up better than the Birmingham band - http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=194
  11. With the olympics just around the corner, China is not a bad investment. Putting your money in Property development could be better than investing in property. Then there is - Berlin which seems to be the hotspot in Germany at the moment. http://www.hiday.net/
  12. You make some good points but I do not agree with everything you say, check out this article about Spain - http://www.hiday.net/
  13. Now is a lot different to the crash of 1929. The banks will want their money back but not straight away. The US and UK financial - including property - market will just stagnate for about 10 years or so. This article makes sense. UK house price crash in http://www.hiday.net/
  14. There is an excellent article that sums up the house price crash - whether it happens in 2008? or not? http://www.hiday.net/news.html?newsid=186
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