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A Thread To Discuss The Merits Of The Thread Analysing

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How about a thread analysing the impact of the impact of the thread in response to the second thread about the first thread.

Maybe not.... :P


I am on the case VP. :)

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Yes Webmaster, after 4 posts from 3 seperate individuals (not least 2 from the forementioned 'Scooter' so they were bound to retort anyway) in what 8 hours this is indeed _not_ gonna be a hot flooded topic so its definately time to upgrade the sever and MySQL database capacity with immediate effect to cope with the STRs long winded hissy fits. :lol::lol::lol::P

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We are gonna need a bigger forum folks :rolleyes:

Hmmm....maybe not <_< We could simply refuse to debate anything that has remotely been discussed before. That covers every subject. Forum ends :blink:

Sipps..done it.

Credit crunch..been done.

Impending repos..done to death.

Different this time..ditto.

I`m sure there`s more :P

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