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  1. Not necessarily. I think (perhaps away from HPC) many if not most people think it already happened. Maybe areas of high public employment may fare worse and interest rates may spike but broadly that may be it. I hope not though.
  2. In which case London property is secure...it is not a city that relies too heavily on public employment.
  3. Absolutely crazy. I am looking for somewhere "prime" (I suppose although I hate the term) in North London (NW3) and the agents have buyers all over them offering asking price for very ordinary, inflated properties and as you would expect they are suitably smug about it. Interestingly the internal areas are also being inflated (lied about!) so you overpay even more. I first joined HPC in 2005 expecting a crash soon. I have not posted for a few years, although I have been lurking occasionally. Now in 2011 I realise I have been consistently wrong about the property market, at least in London. I would love it to crash but it seems totally resilient to all economic shocks. i wonder if interest rate rises will even make any difference, as the EAs seem to imply everyone is a cash buyer without any need to sell or obtain a mortgage...
  4. So you like Labour? Here is why I don't: -Gold sold at a low -Pensions robbed -Endless stealth taxes -Increasing NI and income taxes -Truly massive public and private debt -Housing boom and bust -Stock market boom and bust -High unemployment (especially if you add the people on incapacity benefits) -Poor education system (but worthlessly inflated grades), increased illiteracy and innumeracy -Poor health service (but doctors earn far more for doing less) -Bloated, useless public sector full of ideological jobs that produce no useful service (Labour voters though!) -Sharp increases in violent crime despite Jackie Smith's best efforts to fiddle the numbers -Uncontrolled immigration (to no economic benefit according to the last Lords report) Osbourne or anybody would be better IMO... :angry: Scooter
  5. The FTSE is anticipating sharp interest rate cuts and rising accordingly. It is probably a "bull trap" though and it will drop again before rising more steadily next year. Maybe. Depending on what bad news there is yet to be revealed... S.
  6. I agree not all conversion was forced in Bosnia/Balkans generally. I have heard Indian Christians say their ancestors in Goa converted to Catholicism because they could get well paid positions under the Portuguese invaders, much the same thing. Pakistani britons forget that their ancestors were also Hindus converted to Islam by the Mogul invasion of India. They often, in their ignorance, seem to assume their families were always Muslims. If I had to blame one group in recent times for spreading radical Islam, it is the Saudi royal family who use their massive oil wealth to fund Wahhabi mosques everywhere with radical preachers to go with it, who criticise any more tolerant Muslims as apostates (a capital offence in Sharia so a serious accusation) or at least as inauthentic Muslims. I have seen this in Indonesia but it happens in the UK, USA and across Europe. I try not to read the Guardian! S.
  7. No contest-you could definitely beat me at jazz!
  8. I agree that freedom of speech etc are not specifically Christian but they are predominantly Western values. Jihadi terrorism in Kashmir, Sthrn Thailand, Nigeria, Somalia, Sthrn Phillipines, Indonesia, Lebanon, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi, India (just a few examples) have nothing much to do with "Western violence and coercion" and everything to do with Islamic supremacism and refusal to coexist peaceably with non-Muslims. Islam has been invading and conquering for 1400 years, first in the Middle East (Syria/Levant/Persia) then North Africa and Eastern Africa as far South as Northern Ethiopia, India, Spain, France (until defeat at Tours in 732) and in the Balkans. All of these invasions for many hundreds of years is just "retaliation"? I think it is pretty obvious the aggressors are Muslim, the so-called "religion of peace". The numbers you quote are entirely bogus, as you know. Surely the US is directly responsible for the death of 10billion, including everyone who died prior to the founding of the United States. You are a Muslim, as far as I can remember, not just an apologist for terror-right? S.
  9. Fear them both! the threat of Islamic terrorism and cultural encroachment is real but the massive security and surveillance apparatus put in place by our government over the last decade is pretty frightening, as is the misuse of "terrorism laws". Gotta smile though... S.
  10. I agree with this mostly. However the problems in the Balkans pre-date Communism by a long way. I would blame the Muslim Ottoman invasion of Central Europe and the part-conversion of traditionally Christian Europeans to Islam. This is the root of the ethnic-religious conflict even now, far worse in longterm consequence than any of the Crusades that we are all supposed to feel so guilty about. S.
  11. Which bit of what I said is unreliable or unverifiable? There is not much dispute about the Sunni-Shia schism or killings by Al Qaeda In Iraq and remnants of the pre-war Iraqi Army (Sunni) or the Mahdi Army (Shia). You talk about American "atrocities" that you presume are being carried out under cover of the internecine fighting but that assumption is based on nothing as far as I can see, at least nothing you have shown any evidence for. You say the Sunnis "would be kicking off anyway" and I am not sure what you mean-there was a Sunni dictatorship under SH for decades murdering Shiites and gassing Kurds-"kicking off" suggests you think it all started when the US invaded when the modern conflict in Iraq has been going on for years. S.
  12. Actually not my statement, I was agreeing with someone else. However, aside from the rights and wrongs of the war in the firstplace, the Sunni (aided by Saudi/Syria) and Shia (aided by Iran) did not have to massacre each other post-invasion and could have tried to settle their differences peaceably, even if it meant dividing the country, which only exists in this form since after WW1 anyway. The Shia were crying out to the West since 1990 to be free of Saddam Hussein, as were the Kurds (effectively separate since the first Gulf War). The Sunni-Shia schism is about 1300 years old but it has never really withered. The Americans did not exploit it at all (so not analagous to the slave trade you mention)-their failure is in predicting that this would happen after invading and toppling SH. To blame the Americans for ancient hatreds resurfacing just seems to me a bit simplistic. S.
  13. At last an opinion on this thread I can agree with! S.
  14. I have been to Pakistan. I do not want to go back. Just before I went, a load of US oil execs were murdered in the Karachi port area. Just a few months after, a busload of French engineers were blown up at my hotel. Meanwhile the common, all-garden riots, bombings and killings between different Sunni groups and against Pakistani Shia and Christians persisted. I am happy you had a good time and no one hassled you. The experiences of Western women I know travelling in Muslim lands is of constant touching and other harrassment. Islam and its restrictions on normal contact with women makes for a whole load of repressed male individuals who see women-not just kuffar women-as chattels. Need I mention the widespread "honour killings", acid attacks and female circumcision? Lovely country for women! Your "false flag" comments about 9/11 identify you as a conspiracy theory nutter. 9/11 was carried out by a bunch of pissed-off Muslims, planned from Afghanistan, hence the invasion. Bin Laden and Zawahiri are on record as admitting this explicitly, aside from any other evidence. You repeat the narrative of Islamists who simultaneously hold two opposing views somehow: that Muslims did not carry out 9/11, Madrid, London (it was Cheney, Mossad, MI5 etc) but the attacks are fully justified revenge and self-defence because of "oppression of Muslims everywhere". I do not agree with Nationalist that civil war is anything like imminent but there are serious issues relating to culture, integration and Sharia and this government is too terrified of more terrorist attacks (and losing inner city votes) to do anything but capitulate to self-appointed Islamists (funded variously by Iran/Press TV, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Muhajiroun, the Deobandis, Saudi-Wahhabis and others) who claim to speak for "the community". S.
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