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  1. rocks: he's dead 'ard, our Arpeggio
  2. ... refusing to join the massed ranks of Pharisees (c'mon, did you really expect anything else from me?). It's not that I don't appreciate what carers are doing - I am one for heaven's sake, and I don't get paid for it either - I just actually believe that nurse who was breaking her heart and pleading with us all to observe the lockdown, actually meant it and would appreciate a lighter workload, with time and resources to protect herself, rather than this weekly competitive sport of trying to out-do each other at virtue signalling (eg, drumming naked). A couple of days ago my road was lined with cars: somebody was holding a wake, wait for it, for an elderly relative who had died, unable to catch enough breath (sounds like covid to me). This was in full view of our local law-and-order busy-body, otherwise known as the Neighbourhood watch leader. Both out this evening, doing the old "clap for carers". Why do people think it's better to be seen displaying a moral code rather than actually following one? It's not the first time I've felt at odds with a supposed groundswell of emotive behaviour. The death of Lady Di for instance. All those bouquets from people who bought all the papers who paid the paps to hound her ... Sometimes I think I'd feel more a part of scoiety if I were a simple ol' psycopath ...
  3. He's got quite big arms, like all sprinters. But something tells me I'm barking up the wrong tree when I imagine they work on their arms just in case a wall should happen along in front of them from time to time ... 😕
  4. At least you are thinking correctly, which oracle was, sadly, not. I am reminded of the demonstration of firing a cigar, loaded into a shotgun, through a solid wooden door .. Usain Bolt tops 27mph. Does that mean if he runs into a brick wall (inertia larger than a train - unless he knocks it down), he will definitely injur himself? The OPs q is an odd question in that it doesn't make clear whether one is allowed to anticipate the impact. Most people could absorb much of the train impact in their arms. Not much chance of that with the pillow.
  5. You should be in the Cabinet. Transport minister Grant Schapps had failed to recognize this and even went on the Marr show w/o quizzing Cummings, instead saying he "understood" no such trip occured. Clearly, not a phorensic mind at work there. Or he was plain lying. Actually ....
  6. I'm wondering whether you have thought through the consequences. I voted for Brexit; taking our own route, standing on our own: that's a bold move - some might say arrogant - that chimes with our reputation and history. daring-do and all that. It's why other countries listen to our music, watch our TV, support our footie clubs, and then wear our fashion, eat our food, drive our cars, visit our capital, start businesses here, and thus, hold sterling and invest in Treasuries. That supports sterling and makes us all relatively rich. But a circumstance exits that makes outsiders question whether our certainty is merely lack of insight, our heroics simply stupidity and our rhetoric just ********. That circumstance exits when our obstacles or adversaries are indifferent to all of those apparent merits. And this virus is certainly such an adversary. We can't scare it away by grandstanding speeches about fighting on beeches. All there is are the numbers, and we can spin those only so far. And so we sit in second place below the USA on death toll ... while the world wonders what the hell they ever admired about us. Why they listen to our music. Why they follow our footie clubs, watch our TV, and then wear our fashion, eat our food, drive our cars, start businesses here, support sterling, and keep we Brits in the lap of luxury. They saw the same thing during the Financial Crisis, but they had no way to measure themselves against us. They just thought it looked bad. Those thoughts are giving way to certainty. A certainty that we are an anachronism. That the future lies elsewhere. And that certainty will be complete if we have a bad second wave. And Cummings has made that so much more likely.
  7. God, you must be exhausted. Forget lockdown. That's bonk-down! No wonder you haven't been following the news. Just to fill you in, despite the most severe restrictions on public movement for like, well, ever, 37K people have been killed here by a transmissible disease. So, as you assumed, mostly a lot of hot air.
  8. Big fan of Cummings, but it is what it is: he's a back-room boy. He ponders, he weighs, he strategizes, he sloganizes. The problem he has is that he delivered Brexit almost single-handely, and that went to his head. Now he thinks he can bluff and extemporize like a political frontman, and that he is most definitely not. He's basically shown he is as flawed and vulnerable as the rest of us, and that has shaken everyones confidence in him. This interview was extremely poorly judged. So was the journey to Durham. Maybe therefore Brexit was. He's undermining every aspect of government with every move he now makes. He's the story and a pretty sorry one. Whether he goes or not is hardly the point.
  9. But you are saying he would need to be admitted to hospital for simple oxygen therapy, despite the consequent PR disaster?
  10. This is an utter PR disaster. Johnson knows it. Cummings knows it. Hancock knows it. Everyone knows it. Surely, you know it. If it meant avoiding this cluster f***, No.10 would buy a job-lot of these: Oxygen cylinder Maybe they already have a stock of these: Why not, after all? I simply don't buy this idea that he has to be admitted for simple oxygen therapy. CPAP apparatus is available retail for people who suffer from sleep apnea. Here's a face mask: Just inject oxygen into that. Get a discreet expert to help. If on the other hand he needed the full ICU package, that would be quite a different matter and would indeed require a trip to hospital.
  11. Look, anything is possible, but the probabilities of what you are describing, at a gut level, just don't compute. Take for instance the care home with 90 residents who have just experienced 13 deaths in the past week and have two staff displaying symptoms. Sure, sars-cov2 might not be the culprit - after all, nobody has been tested - but I think in all likelihood it is. Why now? Why no earlier? I guess what we can both agree on is that more testing is needed, of all kinds. I agree that many aspects are puzzling. My suspicion is there is a vector we have not envisaged (not 5G tho! 😁).
  12. Sorry to veer away from nature of covid-19, and tell me to RTFT if you like, but have we discussed disruption of global food supply chains yet? Hubei disrupted mobile phone production. Sad(for millenials) but hardly dire. Food production could be more tricky.
  13. How long til we hear about horse-wormer overdoses?
  14. Same lot who think you can catch a computer virus. There is something that can be gleaned however from all this: knowledge gets you absolutely nowhere in modern society. As Frank Skinner once quipped on Room101, "You're down the pub having a good discussion, and along comes somebody who actually knows what they are talking about, and ruins the whole thing. Is there anything worse?"
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