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  1. Looks like Furba have been doing some house keeping since I last popped in. The long serving members will know we bought our rented crash pad back in Jan 2008 [at a discount to market of just over 26%] Look it was a dam sight cheaper than a divorce OK. But still under no illusions that the market could and should fall further [without massive government manipulation of the market] Which as it happens they have done with "quantitative" easing, and nigh on zero rate bank rate...there goes the value of your savings folks ....but that's another story. Anyway back on subject, in Jan 2008 a two
  2. In the days after the Northern Rock bail out, I sent the BBC, a screen shot of Northern Rock's "intermediaries web page" offering mortgage brokers [as the NR website wording said] "sub prime mortgages" I've sent loads of relevant stuff to the BBC, the likes of AMB Ambro overnight reports dated March and April 07 stating they where expecting the UK housing market to collapse. And asking the BBC, the reports raised concern that if the bubble burst. the Bank of England would have a job on its hands to protect the banking system. And we had two UK banks fighting for ownership of yet a bigger s
  3. The President of the Federation of German Industry, Hans-Olaf Henkel, when discussing the political spat between UK and German politicians, made the following comment: "The recipes each country must prescribe to avoid a Depression or Shorten it" ...................... Last Nights Newsnight about a third of the way in. At last somebody telling it like it is, there is a [email protected] Storm heading our way, and 2.5% of Vat ain't going to fix it. Crash Gordon will go down in history as the worst Chancellor in History. During his term as Chancellor along with the Bankers, he set the kindling beneath o
  4. 1995-05-24 1 Counting House Mews, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1RJ £73,950 2006-07-04 1 Counting House Mews, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1RJ £247,500 No extensions, no nothing added or enhanced. Courtyard development built circa 92/93 1996-09-06 7 Counting House Mews, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1RJ £79,000 Went on the market December 2007 @ 240K still on, asking 199K....offers considered, there appears to be no interest whatsoever. Very interesting this newly available free data
  5. So far Krusty has got it all wrong again.......Somebody pass her another hat please STR 16.44% Renting 36.99% Owner Occupiers 34.25% Personal circumstances, was a no mortgage OO who STR with a view to downsize, now a no mortgage OO, and still a BEAR
  6. update: feeling the local pulse....very confusing In the home of Skipton Building Society and near by Airedale Hospital, both big employers in the area. Not a lot is happening, being in a fairly affluent commuting and tourist area, with no big unemployment problems as yet. It would appear with very few forced sellers, it is for all intent and purpose a market ceasing to function, feck knows how the agents are surviving. THIS BTL went on originally @ 250K a couple of years back. Now reduced to 230K but in no apparent hurry to sell [it is in a bad position overlooking an elevated main road
  7. Poor Barbara ........ NOT MUCH LUCK THERE FOR HER .....well somebody had to say it.
  8. you can still get a fixed one year eBond @ 6.7% with B&B where as Abbey are only offering 5.75%....same group same FSA deposit guarantees. B&B and Abbey are deemed as one for the FSA deposits guarantee, so no more than 35K between accounts covered. Alliance and Leicester on the other hand operate under a different FSA licence so you can have £35K in there as well if you want. B&B instant access internet saver is paying 6.5% Barclay's eSaver pays 3.92%..............if you have it in a bank and considering they all have the same FSA deposit guarantees, you might as well have the
  9. US to lose financial superpower status LONDON (MarketWatch) -- Germany's finance minister on Thursday laid the blame for the global banking crisis on the Anglo-American free-market model's quest for ever-higher near-term profits, predicting the United States would soon lose its role as the world's dominant financial power. "The U.S. will lose its status as the superpower of the global financial system, not abruptly but it will erode," Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck told the lower house of Germany's parliament in Berlin, according to published reports. "The global financial system will bec
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