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Deny Foreigners Legal Aid, Says Justice Minister Chris Grayling

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The Nazification of Britain is under way:

Legal aid should not be used by foreigners to fight cases in British courts, the Justice Minister has warned.

Chris Grayling said such cases jeopardise public faith in the justice system.

He also accused law firms and pressure groups of using taxpayers’ money to profit from cases aimed at blocking legitimate Government decisions made by democratically-elected MPs.

In an article for the Telegraph, he argued that the legal system was being used as a ‘weapon’ in order to stop the difficult decisions the Government was taking to ‘secure a better future for our country’.

Claiming that British society was ‘too legalistic’, he added: ‘A minority of law firms and some pressure groups make a healthy living by finding more and more varied ways to challenge government in court – and getting you to pay the bill.’

As an example, Mr Grayling cited Public Interest Lawyers – which acted for Iraqis who are claiming that British troops unlawfully killed up to 20 civilians.

But last month, following a year-long public inquiry costing the taxpayer more than £20million, the firm accepted there was no evidence to substantiate the claims.

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I disagree with legal aid as it stands full stop whether for foreigners, illegal immigrants or citizens. Massively vunerable to abuse, massively costly compared to most other countries.

Why cant lawyers, as part of their being granted a license by expected to do a set amount pro bono, somewhat like hospitals do for poor folk in the US (thats not to praise other aspects of the US healthcare system)

They can pass the cost on to their other clients rather than the general public.

That way competitive forces still operate, the poor get their legal help, the taxpayer doesn't get thieved from.

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Such an insulting misuse of the term Nazification OP.

A lot of Britons aren't eligible for legal aid - if there is money spare surely they should get it first.

And if people are killed in wars in Iraq - shouldn't they be taking the case forward in Iraq?

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Just another little argument used to hide the fact the Tories are dismantling the justice system.

In future you will have to use the services of multinationals who dominate the legal market. You will no longer be able to use the courts, but will have to accept the rulings of the arbitrators on their payroll.

The Tories are not conservatives. They are radicals.

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I have to agree with the idea that this is a cover for the fact that criminal legal aid is being taken apart for British citizens.

How long before poor defendants up on murder charges are represented by poorly trained 'public defenders' as in the USA?

At least we don't have the death penalty, I suppose.

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