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  1. Technically I think we're talking about a monopsony rather than a monopoly - where the abuse is committed by a dominant purchaser rather than a dominant supplier. It seems to be the preferred model of corporate screwing in our modern economy. I have no idea of Premier's status relative to other purchasers, but charging suppliers in this way should be an automatic trigger for investigation of abuse of a dominant position. In other words, they wouldn't think they could get away with it if the market offered better conditions to the affected suppliers.
  2. Yes, it is sad. One savage joins a band of savages. Do you really not see what the bogus politicisation of Darwinism is doing to generations of good work? HPC is a match between wonks and moralists, but the moralism is so far beyond the line that it can't even see the line. Tell your batshit Chinese pal to ****** off. Unless he owes you money.
  3. I link, therefore I am. What is this gold strategy? ps. I forgot to link.
  4. Savings of surplus state piling into assets of deficit state. Solution: get rid of state arbitrage - international trade unit based on energy resources. But that's a bit French, so the Anglos will oppose it to destruction.
  5. You're right to call me out. There's some information on this forum that is really helpful, but I've formed a habit of derision which has crept into everything. It is a problem, and not just on a Friday night. I hope the public debate is won by you and other fair-minded and intelligent people. Cheers.
  6. Well, you say that. But is it true? Proof, please. The Media is Advertising.
  7. Not sure that was well expressed, his point on proportions over time. The hand gestures reminded me of Thatcher justifying trickle down/wealth effect policy: Once my right claw moves, my left claw must follow in a predictable way. That's where he got stuck in a loop. I haven't watched it again, so I may be mistaken. No criticism of the interviewer - interruption of a line of thought is irritating, but if it's a good line it will carry on to the end, which Picketty showed. We're in an emergency, like breaking out of an egg.
  8. Yeah, saw that a couple of nights ago. He got stuck in a loop explaining why inequality is undesirable. Maybe it was the wrong question. But he gives good interview and cut across the forensic aggression.
  9. Fracking takes up huge amounts of water. California, Kent. Just sayin'.
  10. The ever increasing speed of the revolving door of privatisation incompetence.
  11. Yes, all about managers. Plus no links in the article - it's online, inline linkage is trivial. As far as I know there is a serious shortage of nurses outside the NHS.
  12. I guess he doesn't believe in the recovery. It is difficult to account for the reported growth rate.
  13. Tories' dilemma: they destroyed the private means of securing bargaining power, and the state has to step in to prop up incomes.
  14. That's so bad it's actually entertaining. There was a link to the Guardian too: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jun/18/thousands-limbo-disability-benefit-appeals-grind-to-halt Disturbing that IDS is still in office.
  15. Will he cross the floor before then? He must be thinking about it, now they've been kippered.
  16. Plus there's the pipeline from Iran under threat. Here's an energy doomer view: http://www.economic-undertow.com/2014/06/13/arab-summer/
  17. It's just a theory. But our politicians take theory so seriously that we vote for it.
  18. New rule for the forum: stop linking British newspapers. Could be good. The info is always available in purer form elsewhere.
  19. It's a good guess based on the current talk about the natural rate. I can see the employment figures being questioned, along with the exposure of IDS, in which case bets are off. But look how long it took to expose Libor manipulation.
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