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Depleted Monarchy

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Many people are wondering what really caused Fukushima. While we can look into the geologic studies that were taken prior to the Daiichi event, outlining the active 200 meter fault line that Honshu Island rests right on top off, we are obliged as citizens to look even deeper, more so with the admission of an anonymous U.S. government nuclear official that radiation leaking from the plant just 100 meters away is "astronomical."

Uranium can be mined for some medical purposes and to make electricity, but its main purpose was and is to fuel nuclear warfare against the world. Just six mines provide 85 percent of the world’s uranium and guess who owns the mineral rights to that land?

It may be surprising to realize it is none other than the Queen of England.

She is not alone in her fear-mongering. Our own government has helped to perpetrate warfare using this substance well before Fukushima. U.S. government officials still insist that the use of depleted uranium in missiles, shells, bullets and armor plating did not contribute to Gulf War Syndrome. And the Rand Corporation helped to promote that lie.

The truth of the matter is that the Queen is sitting on $17 trillion pounds of uranium investments—enough money to end world hunger, fuel the world’s energy needs with non-nuclear, clean sources and definitely stop the poverty in her own country. Draconian laws have been passed both in the U.K. and in the U.S. to protect nuclear energy.


Furthermore, without the book “Royal Fortune,” which led to royal palace scrutiny, nobody would have known about the Queen's Civil List “surplus.” The £35 million would have followed centuries of Civil List surpluses into the royals Swiss accounts. This is where she hid her uranium investments and the spoils of her ultranationalist, perhaps anti-human agenda.


Canada’s MacArthur River Mine—the world's largest high-grade uranium mine, producing 7654 tonnes of uranium (tU), or 14 percent of global production, in 2010. Ore grades at the underground mine average more than 10 percent uranium content, making them one hundred times the global average for uranium mines. Cameco operates the mine and controls 70 percent ownership, while Areva owns 30 percent. Canada was a colony of England, gaining its independence eventually, but still recognizes the Queen as a de facto authority and pays fees to the monarchy for its uranium resources.

Un-frickin believable.

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My favourite Americans are the ones who defend their right to guns by claiming that if they do not have them an 80-something old lady with a dodgy Greek husband is going to come and enslave them :lol:

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