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  1. Absolutely not. Just an intersting exercise. I voted brexit but in this poll voted that we won't be leaving the EU. TPTB have too much skin in the game to allow the electorate to tell them what to do.
  2. I meant those that had previously voted in the poll that we would leave the EU. I bet Sturgeon has a massive grin on her face right now.
  3. I always believed that there would have to be some reversion towards affordability because, if there wasn't, we'd be returning to a Dickensian-esque society. Unfortunately, with each passing day, inadequate government policy/regulation (some would say deliberately) makes a dystopian future seems more and more likely for most, where even the veneer of social mobility and meritocracy give way in favour of usury, nepotism and control of the capital. He who controls the spice, controls the universe.
  4. While everybody else was cheating on their mental arithmetic exam, she was stealing pens (probably).
  5. I have a friend (mid 30s) who bought a modern 3-bed detached within a mile of that a couple of years ago for £180k. Infinitely superior to that house.
  6. Define growing economy. Situation A, year 0: Income £100 Rent £50 Energy costs £20 Taxes £20 Other goods £10 Money left at end of month £0 After several years of inflation income and costs have all risen ten-fold Situation B, year x Income £1000 Rent £500 Energy costs £200 Taxes £200 Other goods £100 Money left at end of the month £0 Has the economy not grown (despite the fact that your money goes no further)? GDP per capita adjusted for inflation and compared to costs (and possibly assessed against PPP) is needed to understand whether people are getting wealthier. The government just seems happy with growth (ie. increase in GDP)
  7. Luxury! I had to leave London because the rent was too expensive and the return on investment (quality of life) was not sufficient. Unless your job can only be done in London then it's not worth the hassle IMO.
  8. My landlord appears to have declined to contest the dispute, and the disputed amount is being returned.
  9. Looks like I will be going to dispute with the tenancy deposit scheme. There is a specific clause in the tenancy relating to a professional clean before vacating. We professionally cleaned the carpets and the check-out inspection suggests that the cleanliness is equivalent to the check-in (after professional clean). I guess it's going to come down to contract law and whether the clause is binding (plus whether we have cleaned to an equivalent standard of a professional). In the event that the dispute finds in favour of the landlord, as the flat has been re-let, I expect that the landlord is unlikely to hire a professional to clean the flat and inconvenience the tenants. In that instance, would I be able to enforce that this cleaning was carried out (copy of invoice etc.)? (otherwise the money will just be a free bonus for the landlord).
  10. I have subsequently received an invoice from the agent showing the professional clean prior to our occupation. Even so, the check-in inspection states it to a good domestic standard with various cleanliness "issues". If we vacate it in a similar, or better, condition to that which we found it, surely there is no expense incurred by the landlord?
  11. I've just had an email from my letting agent stating the landlord isn't happy with our domestic clean on vacating the property. The tenancy agreement does stipulate that the flat should be professionally cleaned upon departure (it wasn't professionally cleaned before we moved in). We professionally cleaned the carpet and left the property in a better state than we found it. Do I have grounds for reasonable condition or does the the contract term trump that (is it unreasonable as per Bloo's comment?). The new tenants moved in straight away so having it professionally cleaned now seems somewhat pointless. If it comes to having it cleaned can I insist on having it done with the tenants sitting?
  12. I generally like to come on here and read rather than interact. So much good/interesting/useful/thoughtful posting that it's like listening to a council of elders. It's everything that yahoo answers should be, mixed together with a healthy dose of scepticism, a UKIP slant, a dollop of misogyny, some wicked humour and the odd poster being carted off quietly in the middle of the night for an unknown reason.
  13. It even seems to have been ignored by the SNP!
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