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  1. No. Can't think why but I just feel the need to sharpen my pitchfork for some reason.
  2. The government is still borrowing 6% of GDP into existance every year. A sizable chunk more is being borrowed by 'consumers' and business. Strip debt growth out before you look at GDP to get a meaningful figure.
  3. Holy cow. Previously I had dismissed the Greens as idealistic but harmless hippies. I had no idea they were so dangerous and insane.
  4. Sorry about that. Wouldn't want to give the impression that I'm somewhat vexed about the whole situation. Honestly I'm fine with it and will dutifully keep voting for more.
  5. So each year we are building one major city, three hospitals. half a dozen police, ambulance and fire stations, a dozen schools, countless nurseries, shops, restaurants, bus stops and all the rest? Oh wait, we're cramming these people into what we already have. Great, just great. Bastards.
  6. The forum has gone, he just writes occasional blog articles now. The pinned topics will give you a bit of insight into where he is coming from if you want a look: http://market-ticker.org/cgi-ticker/akcs-www?forum=Market-Ticker He wrote a book called Leverage - How cheap money will destroy the world
  7. No, that's some petulant kid whining about being banned from his forum.
  8. I follow him pretty closely. I can't find fault in his logic or facts. I'm inclined to give much more credence to a position arrived at through logic and facts rather than plucked out of the air. I haven't seen an inflationist argument put before him that has survived scrutiny.
  9. No chance. Bond holders have taken enough damage to their yield as it is.
  10. I agree totally with the OP. I am totally hacked off with Lib/Lab/Cons. I've had to put up with their BS all my life and I've had enough. I'll be voting UKIP from now on.
  11. It would be more sensible to use it to increase the production of Tonic water.
  12. It's countryside, it's beautiful but it's also man made and unnatural.
  13. If you are assuming the Fed will stop tapering and QE will continue over here then you are assuming that they are willing to destroy bond holders i.e. the pension and insurance industries rather than the gentle raping they have endured so far. I don't think so. QE has been tried, it has failed. No point in inflicting more damage.
  14. I assume it would be entirely possible to set one up exclusively for those not suckling from the government teat. Would be interesting to see the response though.
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