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Getting Into Gold/silver Miners?

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Hi Guys,

I have a small physical gold/silver position but would like to expand into gold/silver junior miners, pool accounts, etc...

Basically, something that i can jump in-and-out of at quick notice and is not so expensive over spot.

The Kitco pool account looks pretty simple...

Of couse profits will be plowed into some more physical ;)

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There are many miners listed in the UK alone, and more elsewhere. Although it may seem that a licence to mine gold is a licence to print money these days, some of them still manage to get it wrong. So do your research!

I started out by looking at gold funds, requesting some prospectuses and asking myself what were the reasons the fund invested in companies A,B,C, etc. Then watch for a few months and get a feel for things.

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The junior miners are very tricky, you really need to do your homework on them before splashing the cash. Ounces in the ground, miner-friendly local and national govt, and most importantly the quality and experience of management. I have a portfolio of twenty or so juniors, a couple of recommendations would be: Great Panther Resources, Rio Alto Mining. But please DYODD.

Yes, the AIM is one hell of a playground.

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