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  1. https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2021/10/20/contango-conmigo-why-a-bitcoin-futures-etf-could-be-a-bloody-ride/
  2. Yeah London is busy now although probably still not back to pre pandemic areas. Due to the UK being the first to open borders with no COVID restrictions so tourists were booking in. Those expensive areas aren't the real London streets anyway, other than as a cut-through or walk around to gawp at them rich houses.
  3. It's deleveraging. No different in principle from the financial crash of 2007-8 except no govts to bailout. If you pay attention to crypto you will know that there are several organisations in deep dodo and in the liquidation cascade.
  4. They're not shit, they're excellent and the future. But v expensive and require infrastructure changes to the home. I drive an £8k fun ice car with 200bhp and nowadays only 5-7k miles pa. It'll be a while till the economics makes sense to change over to EV, well to an EV that's fun.
  5. Don't matter, 43 or 40k is just too much for an ordinary sedan. Sorry, I am a fan of EVs but they're just too expensive at the moment.
  6. Youve been around long enough. Luna's crash is massive news due to the amount lost and potential for litigation or criminal prosecution due to scammy / Ponzi behaviour. Bitconnect was only 2bb iirc. https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/crypto/terras-luna-crypto-crash-how-ust-broke-and-whats-next/
  7. I thought the young were already having too much avocado and new mobile phones, and weren't saving at all? Which is it? Or, is this just more page filling copy.
  8. So I take it you're not a veteran of the Nasdaq crash or the previous crypto winter? Stuff that is dead, remains dead. You'd be better off snorting £20 of coke.
  9. Does that display only contain 7 squares? Not gonna last for long 😀
  10. Tulips aren't about to replace the costly and slow financial payments systems, or various contractual methods. Someone posted in this forum about how to bring a 5-figure euro sum back to blighty without incurring tough fees. crypto will solve that. But hey, anyone can be a late adopter 😂
  11. Dunno what you sell, but that is the only way to go as the cost of living and inflation crisis bites. Cheaper discretionary spending is going down the toilet but those who raise prices and sell a superior product are gonna be ok.
  12. I dunno, I mean BJ was forced to resign from his role at the FCO then faded into obscurity after his performance at the FCO. He qa never going to win a landslide after his competence was exposed, right?
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