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  1. I think Brexit is a disaster. We had the best of both worlds in our arrangements with the EU and we threw it away.
  2. They are shackled to the Eurozone countries and tied to the EU political project. It's turning into a massive deadweight.
  3. You could say the same thing about Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Russia.... UK? The list is endless.
  4. It's gonna be either some of us commoners or all of us commoners, depending on what happens with interest rates.
  5. There are places in ITaly with a nominal price of 1 Euro. There's a reason these are cheap - not all of France or Italy is cheap.
  6. Cash. Cash is what you need to buy when things hit rockbottom.
  7. The delta is their profit. Need to keep profit margins up to balance the ever increasing risk of taking on mortgagees.
  8. It'll be like Sri Lanka with a dash of civil war, x1000. Not happy thinking, but the whole world is worried about paying their own bills, much less anyone else.
  9. Yeah I think the likelihood is EUR, GBP, USD, in that order. Euro is in a nasty spot with the EU having countries that can't take much more than 0%
  10. No it's not. Humans are dumb and shouldn't be trusted to self custodise.
  11. It means manufacturing is going to move to other parts of the world and China will lose market share.
  12. Click bait. Saying that the cost of energy is going up to 12 pounds per day really doesnt mean much but that's over 4k pa. Also as highlighted businesses are in deep deep trouble, and so are commercial landlords.
  13. That this seems to be a new thing to some posters is rather depressing.
  14. Ethnic minorities can be just as racist as any other group of people. It's not one homogenous group of people!
  15. 3% is pretty good but not 0.5% and under, which us plebs never had access to. The assumption that debt will inflate away makes a lot of additional assumptions that may not be true. In fact being a debtor may be the worst thing to be in the coming storm and cash is best. That's my view anyway.
  16. Your paragraph doesn't make sense. If everything is in freefall then it makes sense to hold cash. In a recession cash is king.
  17. Pivots back to QE? I think they very well might do that. But not yet. And theres a far higher chance that BOE lags behind the Fed as it has done. All imho. Cash pile in GBP ain't bad either, probably better than Euro.
  18. It absolutely is. But if the cost and risks work out for an individual there's no reason to not have a pile of USD and a much smaller pile of GBP. As part of a diversified portfolio ofc.
  19. Do we do what bankers say or do what they do?
  20. Build your cash pile in USD. There are going to be bargains as the recession slams into the top economies. Buy when there's blood on street especially when it's your own. We aren't going down the route of hyperinflationary behaviour, but if we do then yes don't hold cash.
  21. Half that increase is the cat that's gonna be stolen soon 😀
  22. I'm concerned about the demand for discretionary consumption. Ah well I guess we'll see. I suppose it's not your primary source of income, pls keep updating with anecdotes of how it's going.
  23. I think you should unload Ur stock. I think the price of discretionary items are going to tank.
  24. I disagree. I think anyone wanting to buy is just as desperate to do so as they were previously. They're just not able to borrow enough now.
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