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  1. This new model of the government being the main driver of the economy seems wholly unsustainable, yet, i agree it is all around us... My question is.. how can this be continued? Unless national governments in a command economy type-way kinda control the global system, economically, socially, politically, etc... but ain't this just 1984, improbable maybe, impossible maybe not Seems
  2. Gold and silver may not crash but will surely retrace somewhat at present. I for one am offloading my ill-gotten gains hahaha.... Im not out completely, but i AM out for the time being... the religion is overstated and oversold, methinks time to take some profits.
  3. TBH it is hard to tell what stage of the cycle we are in with Silver and Gold. The previous mega-spike was due to the Hunt brothers trying to corner the silver market and coming a cropper. The way i think of my small stash: as a way to insure, protect, gamble, evade conventional financial processes , and perhaps eventually leave to my children (avoiding TAX on the way). My silver/gold longer-term goal is to slowly but surely stack throughout my lifetime... indeed, i may lose money on S+G over my life-course, however, it will ALWAYS retain some value... and besides i just like it around Chav!
  4. Ok so will have a look at goldmoney and bullionvault... although silver is my core position.
  5. Hi Guys, I have a small physical gold/silver position but would like to expand into gold/silver junior miners, pool accounts, etc... Basically, something that i can jump in-and-out of at quick notice and is not so expensive over spot. The Kitco pool account looks pretty simple... Of couse profits will be plowed into some more physical
  6. Ok thanks, will run through this infomation later on tonight...
  7. I have a small amount of gold/silver coins and am looking at the kitco pool accounts for easy buy in/sell out of PMs... any good? or any other relevant suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  8. Case in point - my old man gets a free car from the state (due to mum on borderline disability payments), plus they get free bus passes... just in case the car breaks down i suppose
  9. This i will never understand. Give the young working person on NMW, underemployed, unemployed, etc... the free or reduced travel costs so they do not have to absorb this out of a low wage/low benefits... encouraging productivity and working.
  10. There is not a shortage of houses in the UK, what we have is spatial inequalities in housing. For instance, many boomers may own 2/3+ houses, older people living in huge 5 bedroomed houses, etc... We have enough houses/rooms and space for us all to live comfortably, however, the spread of housing space/stock is very uneven :angry:
  11. Yes, the article is a little dated. However, the point i was exploring was silver as a potential long-term investment. From the article: 'silver to rise from around $13 per ounce to some $130 in the next eight years, making it potentially the investment opportunity of a lifetime'. and... 'if the rest of the world catches up with America in terms of mineral consumption, the world will run out of silver in just ten years, according to New Scientist'. and... 'In 1900, analysts reckon there were 12 billion ounces of silver in the world, enough to keep everyone in fancy thimbles. By 1990, commodities research firm CPM Group estimates this had fallen to around 2.2 billion ounces; now there are only 300 million ounces of refined silver left'. So, could silver possibly be an excellent long-term investment considering its industrial applications, its future scarcity and unique properties???
  12. From the article: 'Direct investment is certainly possible, but given the relatively low silver price, it’s fairly impractical; a 1,000 troy ounce bar weighs 31 kilograms, for example – not an asset you can easily store under the mattress. In the UK, VAT is also charged on physical silver, making this option expensive too'. Oh deary, deary me
  13. Sorry if this has been posted already, moneyweek very bullish on silver as an investment: http://www.moneyweek.com/investments/precious-metals-and-gems/why-every-portfolio-needs-a-silver-bullet.aspx (not sure if link is working)
  14. Some of the biggest twats i know have never had a hard knock in their lives, and it shows in the way they conduct themselves in a day-to-day fashion. Selfish, rude, arrogant and materialistic individuals. If things reset by a large degree... these people are in big trouble as they 'suddenly' realise everything they believe in is a croc o s**t
  15. In my mind if you can eat and heat your house your o.k. really! If there is an unavoidable storm, so be it. Another structure will rise to replace the old one and a different set of rules, norms, practices, expectations, etc... will take form. As the present structure is beyond repair, just chill until worker bee labour is required again (in whatever form that may take).
  16. Agreed, youth expectations are very high... they expect the things their parents had, and more. Unfortunately, we live in a resource strained, super-populated world and the older generation (and others) hold all the aces. So, expectations need to change radically. Look around, are those with money and all the aces happy people? Find a way to be happy... rewind consumerism, laze around and don't feed the system.
  17. Defo agree. However, it's hard to find a way out of the matrix as individuals are entrapped in many complex guises by the powers that be. If you can find a way out of the system and just chill, that's cool. The old way: (job for life, morgage, pension, etc...) is no longer relevant today. As such, the 'rewards' for living in the old way have vanished and now it is far better to find your own structure in a neo-hippiest, peak-oil, post-consumption way. TBH, it's gone a little mad in the last century.... time to unwind
  18. Indeed, poverty is hidden these days. As a society we are largely disconnected and divided, those with jobs, assets, capital, etc... opposed to those with literally nothing to speak of. Yes (most) people have enough food to eat and money to heat their homes, however, we are still bubble-riding. Many people are living close to the margins and a small drop/inflationary rise will wipe them out overnight methinks.
  19. OU is kinda DIY... you are given a set of excellent tools/manuals for the job in hand, however, you have to learn through trial and error in an self-learning, self-structured fashion. This allows you to set your pace/structure... I generally do 6 mths worth of essays/studying in 2/3 mths, thus freeing up time for other things.
  20. What's the difference. Both groups on on the margins really, not many people make huge money on the rock and roll (even dole cheats)
  21. I have been unemployed for a long-while. So, currently studying for a degree with the OU and have done a ton of other qualifications to pass the time really (and in the faint hope it may improve my employability). Other than that, i run, weight-train and take good care of myself. TBH, i do not believe my labour will be required in my lifetime (unless we have a complete economic collapse). I think people will have to learn to structure their lives round something else other than a full-time job in the future... unemployment, underemployment, whatever, has been growing and growing for decades now with no sign of reversal.
  22. Indeed, the initial para is a bit odd. However, the rest makes some sense when you consider the net worth of individuals in the 45-65 age group (discussed on a recent thread)... they do hold a VERY disproportionate amount of UK wealth.
  23. I see exploitation of many age groups, and yes, it is particularly acute in the younger (sub-30) group whom often have no assets, capital and so forth. However, this 'exploitation' seems to derive from a multitude of factors... decline of the West, globalisation, automation, market manipulation of houseprices, etc, etc... Indeed, the boomers play a key role in this. Think about it, if you have been used to a certain standard of living for most of your adult life, you aint going to give it up without a fight!!!
  24. Now, imagine living on 12-13k in the current climate and not nearly 2 decades ago. Oh dear...
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