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Question For Landlords On This Site - Do You (Or Your Mate) Pay Tax On Your Property?


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I am interested in whether your typical landlord jumps thru the necessary loops toi pay income tax on rent received, and CGT on selling.

If you cannot answer for yourself answer for your mate, know what I mean.

So you work for the Inland Revenue right?

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I did the executor paperwork for a BTL'r.

The income tax was paid but every possible exemption was included.

The capital gains tax was paid, lots of deductions were used.

I don't think the beneficiary (not me) has any intention of paying the income tax although there are probably enough deductions to make it zero if it came to it.


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Yes, you get to write off loads of deductions against it anyway so in scheme things not too bad..service charge , 10% pa furniture allowance, etc.

CGT...not planning to sell any time soon, what would i do anyway then , buy an annunity with the cash?? You can offset various things to bring cgt down like stamp duty paid , legal fees etc and if a couple a 10k allowance each.

If you leave the country and sell the BTLs after five years being away you pay zero CGT so maybe that is an option much later...

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Yes. My lettings management company declares to the IR my income. I get sent the same letter and I make sure that amount is on my self assesment form.

Loads of deductions you can have against the gross income so pretty easy to reduce your tax payments.

Mercsi - nice tip on the CGT with living abroad.

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