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  1. He's a skilled manipulator but as Johnson's string of ex-lovers and jobs he was sacked from demonstrates, eventually people get tired of the Boris Johnson show and realise the only way to move on is to cut ties.
  2. An additional 3-4% of household spending is in the process of being absorbed by energy bills:
  3. I had pretty much this conversation with one of my brothers a few weeks ago. I think this is a significant pre-Boomer/Boomer/early GenX vs late GenX/GenY divide, none of these generations had particularly affectionate childhoods on average but the late GenX/GenY cohort have actively decided to try not to pass it on to yet another generation.
  4. Not given enough affection as a child -> fail to develop a normal level of empathy -> become an emotionally damaged adult who wants others to suffer
  5. Also check out the prices at which transactions are actually happening. In theory England has an average house price of £297k, in practice the most common sold price is only about £160k...
  6. Weird comment, this MP has been arrested for rape, not for paying for sex.
  7. It's either nothing or an incredibly dangerous idea. If the government is going to sell insurance backing every high LTV mortgage then given the fact that most of the financial sector is mortgage lending the government would basically be formally underwriting the majority of the UK financial sector. It would be a pretty chunky nail in the coffin lid of capitalism.
  8. It's not really clear from the article whether or not there will be taxpayer money going into this (e.g. the government underwriting the insurance).
  9. The mortgage guarantee insurance thing seems fairly pointless, surely it's just moving the risk component of mortgage interest into a standalone product. The only way I can see this lowering the cost of finance is if buyers are purchasing the insurance (either directly or via a private intermediary) from the government at a below market price.
  10. based on ONS data from here: https://www.ons.gov.uk/economy/grossdomesticproductgdp/timeseries/npel/cxnv
  11. It is insane that in the UK a fairly normal tenant will be paying something like 40-50% marginal tax rate on their wages if you factor in employer NI while their landlord will be paying 20% and is able to get basic rate relief on the mortgage interest. Still, if the plebs are having problems with their material living standards the issue must be that they are just not working hard enough. Knuckle down you skivers, we're all making sacrifices here!
  12. Nope, we are now below 2001-2 levels (and are actually at the lowest rate for 80+ years, I haven't checked further back): and even though the absolute fertility rate is already low the trend is clearly downwards: https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/livebirths/bulletins/birthsummarytablesenglandandwales/2020
  13. The employment rate is at a record high. The fertility rate is the lowest it has ever been. Working age people are having to make do with significantly compromised housing situations (living with parents or flatmates for longer/insecure rentals/tiny new builds). There is plenty of hard work and sacrifice going on.
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