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  1. The Lib Dems are back to all their MPs being able to fit into a taxi, Starmer's Labour are being handed their backside, but still the 'the answer is centrism' theory lives on.
  2. If you hate living near other people so much why keep living near a major population centre like Manchester? Most of Ireland is basically empty, you could get a house in the middle of nowhere and hardly have to see a soul.
  3. I said all income should be taxed at the same marginal rate. At present there are two main kinds of income in the UK tax system, wages and unearned income, and (ludicrously in my opinion) unearned income which includes both rental income and pensions is the one that is taxed at a lower rate. I can't see any reason why pensions should be taxed at a different rate from other forms of unearned income. Frankly the UK tax system is already massively overcomplicated and should be simplified, not for yet more classifications and special treatment to be engineered in.
  4. higher tax on rental income -> discourage BTL -> less competition for first time buyers
  5. Well, they live there now, doesn't mean they always will. Deep interior areas of France, Spain, Italy and Portugal are full of empty houses.
  6. I work in the private sector, apart from a small employer DC pension I use to get matching contributions most of my pension contributions go into my SIPP. I am fine with future pensioners (including me) paying the same marginal rate on income as workers, it is simple fairness. With the personal allowance as high as it is now it's only well-off pensioners who would even notice merging NI into income tax.
  7. Correct, I am suggesting that wage income and other forms of income should be taxed at the same rate. As most of my income comes from wages this is hardly shooting myself in the foot, plus I think it should be done just out of simple fairness between workers and people living on investment income.
  8. I don't know if the intergenerational tax realignment would be done quite so explicitly along age lines as that but I can imagine changes like merging national insurance into income tax so that landlords and pensioners pay the same marginal tax rates as workers.
  9. Here's low immigration Japan: Most G20 countries have had immigration rates similar to the UK and have been able to maintain real wage growth since 2008. It seems the UK is just one of the weaker economies like Japan or Italy, not a total economic basketcase but no longer in the first rank of advanced nations either. Moderate economic mismanagement has moderate negative consequences.
  10. See for yourself: https://www.ons.gov.uk/employmentandlabourmarket/peopleinwork/employmentandemployeetypes/bulletins/employmentintheuk/november2020
  11. Does anybody know what the historical relationship is between alt and BTC crashes? On the way up BTC moves first then alts after, on the way down it's alts crash first then BTC after?
  12. The increase in employment is not as big as people think, it's gone from 90% of men and 50% of women employed in the 1950s to about 70% of both employed, net increase in employment not much and certainly not the doubling that so many people say it is. Plus those 1950s male jobs were almost all full time whereas a lot of the new jobs are part time.
  13. New DOGE ATH yesterday at $0.7294 and market cap broke through $90bn for the first time.
  14. There is a huge amount of manual work needed to bring the UK housing stock up to first world standards, trouble is most of the worst stock is held by landlords who couldn't care less or is in apartment buildings where the dysfunctional leaseholder-freeholder relationship makes it hard to complete capital projects.
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