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  1. Shabby ex-BTL 2 bed terrace in a London commuter town at £450k and 3% gross yield doesn't look like value to me, I'm out.
  2. This seems like exactly the kind of bold ministerial push that will get bogged down by lobbying and vested interest MPs in the ruling party, drop down the government's list of priorities and then quietly die a death after a Cabinet reshuffle/new PM/general election. See Theresa May's premiership or every episode of Yes, Minister for more details.
  3. Improvement is improvement, small or otherwise. Personally I would love to know I would receive at least a year's notice if the landlord decided to end the tenancy. Deposits are already limited by law. Taxing landlords more heavily would be great. Basic rate mortgage interest relief for landlords should obviously be scrapped.
  4. Not if notice is asymmetric e.g. 2 months' notice from the tenant, 1 year notice from the landlord. Given how much more disruptive receiving notice is for the tenant's life (need to uproot whole household) than the landlord's (need to get a new tenant in) this seems fair to me.
  5. Nothing of substance, Labour's new plan is to try to win some of the over 50s back by matching the Tories on culture war stuff and hope the U45s vote Labour by default because under FPTP they don't have an alternative.
  6. There's a solid 40% of voters who are economically fine (retired or close to, paid off house, occupational pension) no matter what happens. The Tories just need to win these with culture war stuff, it doesn't matter if the economy burns for people with many working and child-rearing years ahead of them.
  7. There are a lot of jobs in life sciences R&D as it's labour-intensive but you don't need a PhD to do these jobs as it's essentially skilled manual work which can be learned on the job.
  8. Less of an issue for people at the individual if they have UK citizenship. To be honest it would be great if more of the EU citizens resident in the UK took up citizenship and started voting, given their numbers it could easily be decisive in a UK general election.
  9. Wages are low, unemployment is high. The idea would be to continue working in the UK for another 7-8 years to build up the capital and then move to Portugal, buy a home for cash in one of the smaller cities and do modestly-waged jobs like postdoc/lecturer and civil servant while our children complete their school years in Portuguese and can take advantage of the very low price of university in Portugal.
  10. Could she demonstrate descent from Jews who were expelled from Portugal in the middle ages? That's automatic Portuguese citizenship right there I believe. Portuguese is not that difficult to learn to basic/intermediate level, no worse than French/Spanish/Italian really. The pronunciation is weird for a native English speaker, Brazilian Portuguese is easier than European Portuguese in that respect.
  11. I know a few Germans who are long term resident in the UK. Normally Germany doesn't permit dual nationality but for a while after the 2016 referendum Germany made it possible for people in that situation to get UK citizenship without losing their German one. I don't think any of the Germans I know took it up and in the end the German government closed the window and it's no longer possible. I think it was a bit of a mistake not to have taken up the offer, I know that EU residents in the UK feel that they are fine with settled status but you never know if an angry nationalistic UK government mi
  12. During a bit of idle browsing over the last few days I discovered I may have a route to Portuguese citizenship which I didn't think I would have as I am a UK citizen born to UK citizens and am resident in the UK so would not be able to demonstrate a "connection to the Portuguese community". In 2017 the law on Portuguese nationality changed to clarify what this connection means, basically I should be able to demonstrate it because I am in a de facto union with a native Portuguese citizen (we have lived together for over a decade and have two children together) as long as I pass the languag
  13. I think the UK government probably would pay in and sell it as a temporary measure while the final details are worked out.
  14. Mr and Mrs Leave voter may be right or they may be wrong, as I say we are about to do the experiment, but I'm not sure it's healthy in a democracy to pretend that somebody's beliefs are correct when they are not in order to protect their feelings.
  15. No need to throw anybody out, lots of EU FOM migration has been temporary e.g. seasonal workers or people who came for 5 years for the life and career experience and then went back. I know quite a few people in the latter category from my time living in London as a 20something in the late 2000s and early 2010s. When the current sent of temporary EU workers leave and are not replaced by new arrivals that will be a net decrease in the labour force.
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