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  1. I think Fungus is claiming it's Indian and Nigerian investors now. He's going to start running out of nationalities, at some point he will be in talks with a consortium of businessmen from the Faroe Islands and Kyrgyzstan.
  2. Always the same myth, that there is some quiet suffering majority made up of everyman worker Joe Bloggs who just believes in common sense and is pro-Brexit. The reality is that the majority of working age people voted to remain.
  3. Sure, there was no referendum on the Maastricht Treaty. That's just historical fact. I have no idea why you started ranting about the lack of a referendum on the Maastricht Treaty in reply to me as it wasn't in my post. The whole debating tactic of asking a closed question and demanding that other posters answer it as if it's anybody's job to jump through your hoops is pretty tiresome. If you have a point to make just make it, if other people want to reply they will.
  4. U ok hun? My point was that the 2016 referendum was a mandate to leave the EU, not a mandate to leave the EU without a deal. Other forms of leaving the EU are available and they are 100% compatible with the 2016 referendum result.
  5. May's deal doesn't take any of the possible Brexit endpoints off the table.
  6. The common enemy of remainer and soft-Brexit MPs is hard leaver MPs.
  7. May is staying where she is. Natural political opponents can still find enough common ground for truces etc, just look at the Good Friday Agreement.
  8. Because tonight May was still on her Lancaster House speech line that the WA is the first step towards leaving the single market.
  9. So far May has made zero concessions. Now MPs have had their big anti-WA vote and got it out of their systems she can start on the political wheeling and dealing. Like I say, it's all about the pressure ratcheting up. Corbyn will be under a lot of pressure from his MPs to prevent a no deal exit in 10 weeks' time. Corbyn did say he would honour the referendum result, and passing the WA gets the UK out of the EU, box ticked. He can sweeten the pill to his members/voters by getting a concession from May on bringing back the single market option. ERG are going to rebel against May whatever she does, they are fully radicalised. May can sell a deal that gets the WA passed to her own MPs by saying - see, I told you I would get us out of the EU and now we are no longer EU members. Trust me, I can do this.
  10. Yawn. No deal Brexit wasn't on the ballot paper. I'd post a picture of it for the umpteenth time on this thread but it's becoming a cliche.
  11. No, I think it would be enough for May to make a speech saying that single market is back on the table and a decision on it won't be taken until the transition period.
  12. The EU have never changed their position from Barnier's original slide showing the many possible options for Brexit (Norway, Canada, Turkey, etc).
  13. Probably doesn't have much of a choice now, the Lancaster red lines have to go. In a strange way it's a good time to do it now that she can't be challenged as leader.
  14. I think you are underestimating the ability of remainer and soft-Brexit MPs to unite against a common enemy.
  15. Still no need for Labour to commit to any particular endpoint yet. If they can get May to concede on bringing back the possibility of continued single market membership they can sell that as a success to the members.

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