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  1. He's a classic IYI. As you say they f#cked up by having rates too low for too long without considering future uncertainty. It's like an airline pilot flying at 20 feet above the ground saying it's not my fault if I crash it's the ground's fault.
  2. https://propertyindustryeye.com/mass-exodus-of-private-landlords-is-a-catastrophe-for-the-country-says-phil-spencer/ Phil Spencer says all the houses will disappear.
  3. It's been repeated a few times, originally from the Ukraine ministry of defence from 2 days ago, saying they think a coup has started in Russia. No further details.
  4. It was the central bank that got the population jacked up on high leverage cheap debt. Now that's a problem, they're denying competence. I've heard more convincing spouse beaters' excuses.
  5. Makes sense, if they're short termist and selfish in their finances then they may be the same politically. In other words if they're not very self disciplined they're unlikely to be very ideological either.
  6. Is the govt's targeted electoral demographic people with 95% mortgages, HP cars and credit card debt? Is that it? Do the govt basically serve profligate f#ckwits?
  7. In general though I'm starting to think the Ukrainian T64s themselves are not outdated relics, rather reasonably updated and effectively used kit.
  8. Totally looks like there should be a brothel in that row of shops.
  9. By the same token pure communism has never actually been tried. Fact is neither is possible.
  10. That may be trying to build up sentiment/pressure for govt intervention.
  11. Implying that bailey is egotistical and disconnected from reality.
  12. Don't crush your b0lloxks in a vice if they drop 40% either
  13. Do they? I just thought some people just wanted somewhere safe to put it Indeed
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-64#Modernisations_in_Ukraine Modernisations in Ukraine After the dissolution of the USSR, Ukraine carried on the development of T-64 modernization, as the original and main factory was in this country. As a result, modernized variants of the T-64 had become the most common tank in the Ukrainian inventory by 2022.[8] Two different upgrade packages were developed in 1999:[9] T-64BM2 with a 57DFM 850-hp (625 kW) engine, a new 1A43U fire control, a new 6ETs43 loader and the possibility to fire the 9M119 missile (NATO code "AT-11 Sniper"). T-64U which integrated on top the 1A45 fire control (from the T-80U and T-84), PNK-4SU and TKN-4S optics for the tank commander and PZU-7 for the AA machine gun. The tank commander is then able to drive the tank and to use the gun directly if needed. Kontakt-5 Armor added few prototypes build.[citation needed] The two variants are also protected by Kontakt-5 modular reactive armour, able to resist to kinetic energy projectiles, as opposed to the first models which were efficient only against HEAT shaped-charge ammunition. Those two variants could also be re-motorised with the 6TDF 1,000 hp (735 kW) engine.[citation needed] T-64BM Bulat Ukrainian army on use modernization, incorporating Nizh (Knife) reactive armor that offers better performance dealing with tandem warheads than the Soviet Kontakt-5, new Ukrainian-made 125 mm KBA3 gun, TO1-KO1ER night sight and capability of firing the Ukrainian Kombat [uk; ru] tandem-warhead anti-tank guided missile. In 2010, the Kharkiv Malyshev Factory upgraded ten T-64B tanks (originally produced in Kharkiv in 1980) to T-64BM Bulat standard, and a further nineteen were delivered in 2011. These twenty-nine tanks are being upgraded under a ₴200 million ($25.1M) contract signed in April 2009. As of October 2011, the Ukrainian Army has 76 T-64BM Bulat in service. According to Malyshev Factory chief engineer Konstantin Isyak, the T-64BM Bulat is armoured to the level of modern tanks. It has Nizh (Knife) reactive armour, and Varta active protection system. The Bulat weighs 45 tonnes (44 long tons), and with its 850 hp (630 kW) 5TDFM multi-fuel diesel engine can travel at 70 km/h (43 mph), with a range of 385 km (239 mi). It retains the 125 mm smoothbore gun with an autoloader for 28 rounds, some of which can be guided missiles. It has a 12.7 mm AA machinegun, and a 7.62 mm coaxial machinegun.[10][11] T-64BM2 Bulat A 2019 modernization program with TPN-1TPV thermal sight, 1A43U fire-control system, 1H46M sight for the Kombat ATGM, Lybid-2 radios, Basalt battlefield information system, raised turret ring, improved KhSChVK Nizh reactive armour, armour shield above the commander's cupola, 12 mm armour for external fuel tanks, anti-RPG screens beside the engine compartment, and new 1000-hp 6TD-1 engine and transmission (new 5TD engines were no longer manufactured).[12][13][14] This was conducted at the Kharkiv Armoured-Vehicle Plant (KhBTZ), with the engine compartment enlarged for the new engine by the Malyshev Factory (ZIM).[13] Upgraded tanks were field tested in April 2021,[14] and several were paraded in the August Independence Day parade. T-64BV model 2017 In 2019, Ukroboronprom reported that the Kharkiv Armored Plant (KhBTZ) had delivered over 100 updated tanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.[15] The upgraded tanks included new thermal imaging for all crew, remove Luna infrared searchlight, include TPN-1-TPV Ukrainian night sight in place of TPN1-49-23, Nizh reactive armour modules designed for bolt-on replacement on T-64BV turrets, SN-4215 networked satellite navigation unit, and Lybid K-2RB digital radio (under license from Motorola) providing secure communications with a 70 km range.[citation needed] In August 2019, Ukroboronprom announced the Lviv Armored Plant (LBTZ) had also started modernizing T-64s to the 2017 standard.[16]
  15. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10745819/Wrongly-convicted-subpostmasters-awaiting-compensation-one-year-on.html Post Office staff who were wrongly prosecuted in Horizon IT scandal say they are NO closer to receiving compensation
  16. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10486039/Post-Office-chairman-Tim-Parker-QUITS-week-inquiry-opens-scandal.html "The Post Office chairman who was known as the 'Prince of Darkness' due to his alleged zeal for embarking on job cuts has stepped down just days before the inquiry into the Horizon IT scandal is due to begin. Along with the then chief executive Paula Vennells, who was in charge of the Post Office from 2012 to 2019, Mr Parker agreed to the strategy of aggressively pursuing postmasters through the courts. "
  17. plans to boost home ownership among those with small deposits. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/insurance-plan-to-aid-first-time-buyers-wbffq3rlv
  18. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/insurance-plan-to-aid-first-time-buyers-wbffq3rlv "plans to boost home ownership among those with small deposits." Ffs
  19. Rootin for Poo-Tin: POLITICO Europe: Europe’s leaders fall out of key on Ukraine. https://www.politico.eu/article/europes-leaders-fall-out-of-key-on-ukraine
  20. I guess it's a mature and well utilised piece of kit in Ukraine hands now. Esp. considering the soviet designers and manufacturers were actually in Ukraine in the first place.
  21. The Guardian: Cutting City regulation risks another financial crash, say economists. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/may/16/cutting-city-regulation-financial-crash-economists-rishi-sunak-uk "News of the pending bill – which comes as the UK aims to replace EU regulations following Brexit – has stoked fears about a regulatory race to the bottom, with economists saying it could force watchdogs to act as “cheerleaders” for big city institutions. They argued that competitiveness objectives could be a “recipe for excessive risk-taking”, and could create the same conditions that have since been blamed for the 2008 banking crash. “After the last global financial crisis, which cost the world economy some $10tn, it was accepted that a focus on competitiveness by the then Financial Services Authority (FSA) had helped cause the disaster,” the letter said."
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