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  1. It's true there are a few contrary indicators. Risk of medium term inflation too. I believe in the 18 year cycle but other things can superimpose on it.
  2. THAT'S why prices on the north East aren't going the same way as Devon. Place names like these keep the southern riffraff out!
  3. "BLEAK TERRACE, COCKFIELD, Bishop Auckland, DL13 5EZ" Hahahaha!
  4. Baa humbug. A house I fancy near me is under multiple offers.
  5. Yeah that ball park. Utterly ludicrous form of investment.
  6. I think he's the financial and intellectual heir to Gordon Brown, I really do
  7. This is true but at the same time somewhere has to be a net debtor and someone a net creditor, by definition. The industries of the North were hugely beneficial to the South during the war and the industrial revolution.
  8. It also terrifies them because it implies salary inflation
  9. +1 but it will continue because people are idiots
  10. I just think the alternative accommodation may have got better (purpose built self contained flats)
  11. I see houses in the major bedsit area of Leeds (LS4 and nearby) coming up for probably lower prices than 2005, except they've not been fully maintained from the looks of things and been hacked into bedsits, and the area's not very liveable anymore because the community has been destroyed.
  12. https://youtu.be/5IOEYucI2jE 4 minutes in, the leaseholder mother almost literally breaks down at the thought of not being able to sell her apartment for a nice 6 figure profit and move to a detached in the burbs. 11min 30sec . Says property ladder quite a lot. Apparently it could make a 'problem in the mortgage market' whatever that is. 12min 40sec plummy telegraph journo: 'the consequences for the housing market could be quite terrifying" but other people are detached from it 'because they own a detached home in the countryside". At 13min 30 there's quite a sensible bloke
  13. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/news/watch-britains-cladding-scandal-getting-worse-working-way-onto/ Telegraph says, shock horror, this might affect the housing market. So something must clearly be done now.
  14. How can you be a perfect person in an imperfect world? How can you have a perfect outcome?
  15. basically some businesses will still be forced to shut for anouther month
  16. Half empty. There are significant conditions on the drops you're showing, and that's fair enough.
  17. They probably only dropped it to try and get it involved in the stamp duty holiday. They might just put it back up again....
  18. Except servicing 180k may not be the issue of your equity and hence LTV collapses.
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