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wild card

150,000 To Ewell Uk Workforce.

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Click 'edit' on the first post, i.e. yours, in the normal way as if you have made a spelling error. Then change the top boxes and complete the edit.

Tried to email you solution but you have email turned off.

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Searched but didn't see this - if already posted - sorry


After posting just yesterday about how few jobs there seemed to be, this took me by surprise.

...article states:

January 24, 2009

150,000 foreigners swell UK workforce: Record number get permits as Britons lose jobs

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: ' This further undermines Gordon Brown's crass and unwise boast that he would deliver "British jobs for British workers" and is more evidence why Labour are not capable of guiding us through recession.

Ministers were criticised last night for issuing a record 151,635 work permits to foreigners as Britain slid into recession.

...but we already know Nulabour are not capable of helping immigrants or locals...is this news...?.... <_<

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Amazing. Brown must know he is going to be slaughtered at some point with this policy. I wonder what makes it worth his while.

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I have first hand knowledge that at least two of the largest I.T. outsourcing companies in the world are still getting permits granted and renewed for Indian workers to come over here.

These workers don't have any in-demand skills that we can't fill over here. Rather they are coming over here to learn the job (and being paid a pittance) before taking the knowledge back to India along with the support of the outsourced accounts they worked on.

Of course, with the speed at which big companies work, and the reassurances outsourcing clients need to be in place before sending their data to India, this can be a protracted process. The outsourcing companies have, however, promised the work at lower prices which can only be achieved by either off-shoring, or using cheap Indian labour over here for a time. Hence, many Indian workers over here on long visas, doing work for which they have no special in-demand skills (in fact, for which they have no skills when they first come over). Work that could easily be done by a UK citizen.

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Haha I need to edit the title & dont know how.

Any help out there?

I bet a foreigner would know how to do it. And that is where the problem lies

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