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  1. BBC even mentioned it on Today who are covering the chronic underbuilding of new homes. In other news, 28% of property transactions in 2016 were by Asian investors! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39732816
  2. Just as house prices slide again too: ONS: UK House prices fall 0.2% in Januaryhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32032561
  3. Apologies. There's already a thread: Auntie Advises 20 Year Olds To Flip To Get On The Ladder
  4. I remember this hapopening in 1987/8 just before MIRAS was withdrawn. and puiblicised again at the peak in 2007. Peak indicator? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32029804
  5. It's there word for word. Along with a lot of other similar posts too!
  6. Don't you just love the usual caveat - "a sharper than expected slowdown..." Jeez.
  7. That programme doesn't often do fluff. I think it may be live too?? Although with pre-records included.
  8. You maybe haven't seen a truly small house. I reckon all those bedrooms are bigger than average for a new build. You can barely get a double bed and a chest of drawers in them round here. Having a bedroom and living room on the same floor (2nd floor) would put me off. Looks like it overlooks Wellington rugby ground though!
  9. Almost like they took advantage of everyone looking at the news from France. Cynical, me? I've got some of my fund in a 123 account there so I'll pay a bit more attention to this.
  10. Those jobs are all 5 days per week. Still talking £800 p.w. gross! If those builders in London are self employed (if they really exist), they can of course work what hours they want (no working time directive for SE I think) but they're not supposed to be paid by the hour. There was a lot of abuse of the National Insurance / tax rules in the building industry. Registering as SE and then turning up to work on the same site for years with the same firm. A lot of it has been stopped but I bet there's still lots of cash-in-hand bricklaying going on.
  11. I've a car and a motobike in the way that I don't want to shift at 8:00 in the morning just to get my wheelie bin out. So it stays at the front. We've had them about a year round hear and they beat the hell out of the mess caused by foxes and cats ripping open bin liners. Still on weekly collection too.... at the moment.
  12. I was thinking more about the shyster solicitors who will tell the buyers that stamp duty is X under the old rules ('cos you've exchanged innit) , pay the government Y and pocket the difference. Most mortgage fraud required complicit solicitors and I trust them even less than EAs or used car salesmen.
  13. I heard mention on the news that where sales are still 'under process' (I took it to mean contracts have been exchanged) can complete under either rules. Is it cynical of me to think there well be a few nervous buyers eager to complete that may be taken advantage of??
  14. I actually think this is about time. I reckon it will reduce amount that sell for exactly £125k or £250k and the fraudulent 'fixtures and fittings for £5k' guff. Buying a house for £128k (which one sold for near me last year!) will now cost £60 in stamp duty instead of £1280. At the lower end, it will help but I doubt the overall effect will be huge. As said before, outbidding each other by thousands to 'save' few hundred is pointless.
  15. Brewery share slumping this morning. Quelle Surprise. One of my local pubs is Enterprise Inn owned. Excellent real ale but the leaseholder has to buy it through the owners so he is one of the priciest pubs around. It will help him a lot and will actually encourage competition, but some people don't like that!
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