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  1. Thank you Sleepwell o nights- I phrased that badly, is the whole of the rent paid to the owner a legit expense?, has there been any changes?
  2. How does this affect Rent To Renters ? Have they been claiming rent as an expense? Sorry if it's been covered, have read most of thread
  3. "Slave ownership, it appears, was far more common than has previously been presumed. Many of these middle-class slave owners had just a few slaves, possessed no land in the Caribbean and rented their slaves out to landowners, in work gangs.These bit-players were home county vicars, iron manufacturers from the Midlands and lots and lots of widows. About 40% of the slave owners living in the colonies were women. Then, as now, women tended to outlive their husbands and simply inherited human property through their partners wills".the Observer, History of British Slavery Slavery the BTL of the 18th/19th centuries!
  4. People mentioned thick landlords I worked with a man in 08 who had 3 BTL.s, things were getting hairy and I asked what he would do if house prices fell by 15% LTV etc He laughed and said his first 2 had gone up by 240%, I asked him the % reduction to the original value? 240% was his informed answer PS And hast thou slain the Jabberwock? Come to my arms, my beamish boy! O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! He chortled in his joy.
  5. The same GDP per capita as 2005 , after a decade of mass cheap labour arriving in the UK. Balls and Milliband saying f##k all about this as they would continue it Big society , well big f##k !
  6. I don't know this seemed like shark stuff link =yawn?
  7. I think you are correct it looks like a lettings agent or property loan shark/ think I will phone it blag some info.
  8. Today I saw a hand written roadside advert saying "Buy my 5 bed house-no mortgage no large deposit; deposit £3k move in then £195 p,w=House is yours phone Phoebe on mob" Any ideas? designed to look like a woman selling her house but looked well dodgy! I did not get number
  9. How is it Chav? Toddlers like bright colours ! The miserable bstrds bet they fill the place with bright white Audis and Range Rovers
  10. I wonder if discouraging car use in City centers has created more air pollution through all the vans delivering single items ordered online? I dont recall driving into town to buy a DVD but I often order single items. Ok delivery van making multiple drops but still think more miles are now driven
  11. My grandfather was a lollipop man, he was sacked for stealing from his employer- We should have seen it coming the signs where everywhere.
  12. I hope so What.s is name it might sound pathetic but I cried when I read thisi want to be a good person but for,FFS why not break bad
  13. 3D printers are becoming cheaper and higher res. People can download a design, make their own or scan with App and manufacture at home Kids toys, for instance, won't be made in China much longer? Be afraid though as someone in US printed an assault rifle!
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