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  1. That is not quite true. A lot of immigrants on low wages are in council housing at very cheap rents. They could move easily - but they would have to be very stupid to, when they can just sit on the dole in sometimes very nice housing and wait for a new job.
  2. Do you really think 2 million more people in the UK - many of whom have subsidised rent - has no effect ?
  3. I think that is a good idea. The only problem is that you are encouraging people not to work. Personally as a white man I would like to see council housing got rid off. People like me can be sleeping on friend's sofa with a baby and we still have more chance of winning the lottery (true story).
  4. If it less than the market rate then it is subsidised. Council housing should be sold off at the moment it only benefits some people - often not the poorest in society. There are probably cleaners paying 90 pw for a room in that part of London.
  5. True better to let the rich own the houses and the working class pay rent to them for ever.
  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...nstudent128.xml What does this say about Brown's Britain ??
  7. In terms of benefts for single mums etc we are the most socialist country in the west.
  8. We should look on the bright side. The people allegedly behind the failed attacks this year wanted to go to Australia but were not allowed to. With Labour in there they will let more terrorists in and so we will get a few less !!
  9. I had no interest in my flat in SE london about 15 months ago. So I reduced by £250 and it came on Rightmove as a new listing and then I had 2 people come to see within days. So if you have problems reduce it by very small amounts so it comes up again as a new listing. People ignore old listings as they are usually very out of date.
  10. What is the lie ? I am related to a Spanish pro single mum who lives off benefits.
  11. No of course all are not. But the situation is a bit confusing. Of course a lot of people don't work because they get more on benefits. Whose fault is that - theirs or the people behind the system.
  12. I have one month's notice period. If I was to leave today my job would be advertised and would go to someone else. Who would probably be in the same position and his job would be advertised and this would go on for several people, creating several job vacancies. However there would not be several new jobs for unemployed people, just shuffling around for workers.
  13. About being fair ??? You really do not understand the immigration debate do you. The problem is that this country is over crowded. I have no problems with some people* coming here. However there has to be a limit. 70% of immigrants move to London and the South East is too crowded. Also there has to stop being discrimination against us when it comes to housing etc. *If they are not chavs, criminals or muslims of course. I wouldn't do that and I do not think it is a good thing to do. Of course if the Government did not give our money to the EU we would not need to look for alternative sources of pension.
  14. Please ignore him everyone. Injun if you want to discuss anarchism start another thread.
  15. some of them will not be real jobs they will ones they have an internal candidate for but have to advertise to make it look good.
  16. A) If your partner is working you would probably not get any benefits anyway Every country has lazy idiots - our ones should be forced to work. However it is more practical to stop lazy immigrants coming here or deport them rather than forcing them to work. If someone has a British passport then they can live in the UK even if they are a criminal. If they do not have a British passport then they can't, not an unreasonable rule. I would like to deport British criminals but sadly it is not possible - no country would accept them - foreigners can be deported and therefore should be deported. It is not fair but you could say because we can not punish all criminals, we should not punish any. Many don't and some true to destroy this country. I know lots of immigrants who contribute to this country strangely they are often less welcome here than scum like Abu Hamza.
  17. I know immigrants who benefit the UK a lot (my wife), some who don't and of course those who blow 22 people on a tube train. How about saying people can come here if :- 1) They don't need benefits 2)They don't need social housing 3) They don't break the law 4) They don't worship a child molester. Can anyone say that these would not be good rules for all immigrants EU or not ? Black or white.
  18. The ones who are on benefits will stay here. You have a very simplistic view of the world. There are lazy immigrants as well as hard working ones. Why we let chavs come here is a mystery to me - sadly some are related to me by marriage.
  19. http://www.haloscan.com/tb/mikedenham/5572519369959404629/ Apart from the ones -1.2 million of them who are not working !!! So if we did not have enough NEETs of our own we have been importing more !
  20. It always amazing me that journalists regard large scale immigration as something we have to accept - no debate neccessary. BTW I have nothing against legal immigrants if they are allowed to come here - they can. The scum who let too many people are the ones we should hate.
  21. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...immigcom121.xml What a surprise although of course it could be that non muslim immigration is beneficial - no one has studied the effects of non pedo worshiper and pedo worshiper immigration for obvious reasons.
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