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  1. How does that compare to being a teacher without the stress of loads of tenants?
  2. Wow unless she is broke that is nothing. Maybe she is broke.
  3. It is not impossible after seeing her financial affairs it will be quite low.
  4. If we had politicians who were super intelligent manipulating us to make the rich richer for example, I think the economy would be growing faster than it is. I think with regards to HPI, tax credits etc they are short term ideas but no one has the courage to get rid of in the long term. A bit like someone who feels a bit down eats a chocolate bar and 10 years later is 20kg overweight, they didn't plan it, they just never planned to stop it. If they are super intelligent they are amazing actors. Anyone who looks at Teresa May and see a genius is either a) amazingly perceptive or b) hallucinating. My money is on b but I could be wrong (I hope I have explained why I think it is b).
  5. Maybe banks don't want to reposes so much because either a) interest rates are low so it is less expensive or b) they can not sell reposed homes easily. I don't know if it is true it is a possibility, no idea how their minds work.
  6. I don't think that they understand the system that well. Or they are worried about being called racist. I think they are more stupid than evil.
  7. iamnumerate

    Want your own home, have wealthy parents

    Good attitude but if you don't have a lifetime mortgage then negative equity could affect you even if you never move. The ideal scenario for someone buying would be for prices to remain constant in cash terms but decrease in real terms so your ability (and everyone else's) to buy improves but you don't have problems with credit etc. This is not very likely of course and would not be good for people who are priced out.
  8. I have a friend who came here from Spain recently, nice guy, I feel sorry for him that he had to come here because of high unemployment. He is working but because he has kids his rent gets paid by the tax payer. Although I feel sorry for him, I don't really see why we should pay his rent. I have friends in many other countries and although they like me, they probably wouldn't be that happy if I was to go to there country and get my rent paid by their taxes (I have never asked this hypothetical question). I just wonder why so many British people are happy to pay foreigners' rent. A different friend from Spain (who doesn't get any benefits), told me "It is British's people's fault, you created this system." To be honest I think she is right, although if it all ends in a mess, Brexit whatever, I hope the architects feel guilty.
  9. iamnumerate

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    They are all pretty bad. When was the last good PM? Macmillan? Churchill?
  10. iamnumerate

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    Oh good I am glad we agree. Surely landlords spend a lot of the money they receive? (Not that I am pro landlord).
  11. iamnumerate

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    I am not sure that I agree with your premise, however even if I did -, £50K pa net - seriously how can that be justified? There should be some limit to benefits.
  12. iamnumerate

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    True about austerity, although it would be better for people who work to get their money rather than others. No one should get £50k p.a in benefits, the benefit cap was a wonderful idea.
  13. iamnumerate

    Want your own home, have wealthy parents

    True story I used to know a bogus refugee when I living in zone 4. She was in our flat and she asked me "Where is x?" I told and said it was in zone 4, she said "I am not living in zone 4". She didn't realize the irony of me living in an area she would not accept, paying taxes for her. If everyone in the UK could met someone like that (tricky she never told the truth in English, I speak her language)- UKIP might get 30%+ of the vote.
  14. iamnumerate

    Want your own home, have wealthy parents

    I think they probably would be the same special people.
  15. iamnumerate

    Want your own home, have wealthy parents

    I agree, It is a symptom of the problem, not the problem.

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