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  1. Those who have children benefit from them - so why should having a nice home be an added benefit. BTW you don't lose a council house when the children leave home.
  2. Personally I would say that the difference between the council rent and private is a benefit - just not counted in benefits. So they are actually on more than the benefits say they are, if that makes sense.
  3. They must be on more than £400 pcm if they live in a property worth that much. There is no way the market rent is less than £400pcm
  4. A wonderful idea - in London it wouldn't take that long though. In some cases it could be a year
  5. I don't want us to debate the poll tax. Particularly as few people here if anyone agree with it. However it does show that any losers hate politicians who change taxes a lot.
  6. Those who work and are competing with tenants to rent or with landlords to buy are harmed by benefits as prices are put out of their reach.
  7. I would agree with all of that, sadly as the Tories found in the 80s when changing rates in Scotland and then the poll tax nationally, losers normally hate you more than winners love you. (I am not saying that the poll tax was a good idea, but the rate revaluation was a good idea).
  8. But can you do so? Are we really going to see that people don't work for the whole lives anymore? Very true. It is generous to people who have not contributed.
  9. Good points. We could have changed the benefit systems rather than leave the EU - but sadly there are no politicians who want to do so.
  10. The thing is IIRC it is a coffee = en kaffe the coffee kaffen A tricky way of thinking.
  11. IMHO It is in some ways an easy and difficult language. Conjugations simple (well not really existing) but definite and indefinite case tricky for many people whose first language is English.
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