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  1. Or that the windrush scandal was created by people who are keen on immigration and wanted to harm controls on it. Or by over zealous people who were incompetent and didn't know what they were doing. There are lots of possibilities.
  2. Very sad. Is what you say about rent true? In "A matter of honour "by Jeffrey Archer it says that in 1966 to share a Chelsea flat was £4 per week (I know it is fiction, but I have not heard that the figures were not true) - that is £75 per week today. I doubt you could pay £350 pcm for a flat share in Chelsea today. I tried to find figures for the UK rent but couldn't . In the US rent has gone up by 46% more than inflation https://www.cnbc.com/2018/04/17/how-much-more-expensive-life-is-today-than-it-was-in-1960.html
  3. True but I don't think anyone can provide a causation for the correlation. Millions of people coming here and housing become more expensive, there is a possible causation. Just because some correlation is by chance - it doesn't mean that all is.
  4. I would guess that the percentage of 20-30 years old who owned their own home was greater before we joined the EU than today.
  5. Jobs are not so much of a problem as housing. Immigrants do need services and create jobs to some extent - sadly not housing. (See the lump of work fallacy) I am concerned about how to house immigrants but if we are going to have loads, I don't want to pay for them to come here.
  6. +1 I would say the same as if the population were increasing because lots of people wanted to have lots of babies. Probably because no one has even been mugged by a Chinese man, nor have they heard of a Chinese grooming gang nor suicide bomber.
  7. You are probably right - although of course you are assuming that everything was fine for them before hand. We shall see in a year or two.
  8. What about council tax etc? How do you pay that? I have known in the past some BTLs who were sailing very close to the wind.
  9. Anyone without tenants might want to sell - but I do agree with you about interest rates
  10. I agree - although AFAIK all MPs voted for this - they should all resign if they do it.
  11. I assume both, I don't think it will happen,but that seems the only reason to pay over the odds now. If the buyer is someone working at the bank of England I would be worried.
  12. Better to things to do with my time to be honest. Either all politicians and advisers who broke lock down should resign or none of them.
  13. Corbyn broke lock down rules yesterday - why no protest about him, Tahir Ali, or Stephen Kinnock all of whom are MPs and did not vote AFAIK against the lock down legislation. https://order-order.com/2020/05/28/corbyns-lockdown-social-distancing-birthday-breach/ FWIW I think that they should all resign.
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