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  1. But these are people who want want mass immigration - if you want mass immigration then you have to accept more houses.
  2. Actually some do campaign against housing developments even though their child can't afford a home - hard to believe but it happens. I have had heard retired people saying we can't have houses built near us - there won't be another space on the trains in the morning.
  3. I don't think that is true of everyone - but it is true of enough people. I don't think you deliberately set out to disadvantage the next generation.
  4. I think a lot of people don't care about others not being able to afford decent [email protected] you agree? And just feel happy that their house is worth more.
  5. And assumes a greater deal of competence than British politicans have shown in the last 40+ years.
  6. I am not getting what I want. I am not really left or right wing. I believe that people should be afford to decent housing on their salary but that can be either left wing or right wing. I would be tough on crime - which can be left or right wing depending on how it is interpreted.
  7. I think it is HTB etc are awful. My point was the fact that all parties support does make it a good idea - rather that all parties are bad. A depressing but true fact.
  8. I agree with that. No one can seriously think that the Tories are great - HTB was a crazy idea - but the other parties support it. Then again so does a lot of the electorate so maybe most of us are the problem
  9. As Labour didn't change the system in 13 years. Perhaps the headline of this topic should be everyone who voted Labour or Tories got what they deserved.
  10. Thanks for that I agree it is a tricky policy to solve. I think though there should be a benefit cap. I think also reducing benefits for those who don't work would lead to a better outcome for all. (Obviously not for their landlords) I used to know some people on benefits quite well (they moved to a more expensive area). I wouldn't want to swap my life for theirs because I would feel guilty about it - if I were immoral maybe yes. At the end of the day work should pay. It was wrong in the 19th century for people to be paid in Truck https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truck_wa
  11. He might have sold if he got Nigel Farage involved more in the campaign.
  12. And really harmed remain because one of their leading politicians had no credibility anymore. If the referendum had happen in 2009 the Lib Dems would have had a lot more credibility
  13. High interest rates are great for FTB causes more distressed sellers and makes saving easier.
  14. I did say in a previous post. This happened to me under Labour. It wasn't the Tories who did this but my own eyes seeing people on benefits living in houses than I can't afford. Even once telling me that they wouldn't live where I live - it wasn't good enough for them. Genuine question Are you interesting in debating me or just insulting me? Calling people sheeple implies you have contempt for their views. A good way of ignoring them and keeping the current Government in power. Is that what you want?
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