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  1. If UC doesn't pay enough for the rent if they are not enough tenants who can pay it. Then the LL will have to lower their rents, if that is enough to pay the mortgage tough. If there are enough tenants who can then the UC claimants will have to move! Either way it is good for the taxpayer and people who pay their own rent or want to buy!
  2. If things are so good in the EU - why so much immigration from Italy and Spain? Is it the weather they like or watching cricket?
  3. A friend bought an Italian mastiff for £200 - the previous owners had spent £5K on it as a puppy.
  4. I don't understand that either - providing the service is the same as before. If it is then it is different. Apparently some government services have got worse - like applications for lasting power of attorney (LPA). If that is true (I don't know if it is) because of working from home then they should go back to the office.
  5. I wonder why rents are rising - you would think that with increased WFH central London rents would decrease
  6. You will probably be hated by people in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester for calling them mini Londons. For Bristol I think it is a compliment.
  7. +1 There are two extremes Person a might live in a very small cramped flat share, have a 10 minute walk to work and be surrounded by wonderful people and hate WFH Person b might have a massive house, five children who stop them sleeping, have an awful expensive drive to work doped with caffeine to stop them crashing, and be in an office full of horrible people and love WFH. I would guess that neither exists - but the closer one is to a or b would change your view.
  8. Room shares? Do you mean having a room in a shared house or having to share a room? It is not just QE and cheap money though. There are parts in the North West where prices are cheaper than in 2007 in nominal terms
  9. Interesting that it has risen by 3x its 97 price whilst in London it would be very hard to find anything that has only risen 3x - 4-5x + would be more common.
  10. Considering the number of people who have decent homes and whose children don't have decent homes. There must have been some really bad parents in the 50-70s. I think it is double think. People are capable of believing two contradictory things a) "I want my house to go up in value" b) "I want my children to be able to have a house. The other one is "we need homes built but in the right place." - but without saying what the right place is (the Lib Dem policy sadly).
  11. +1 I really don't understand how anyone can want their children to have work harder than they did to get a house.
  12. True for Gordon Brown as well. If the economy crashes Rishi will not be prime minister. I hope that he knows that.
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