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  1. Was it an anonymous survey? I know someone who got a new job in central London Dec last year and they were told that they didn't have to come in. Now they are being told - that was just during the pandemic - and they live in Cambridge!!
  2. Who thinks that will sell for £1 million? I think that they will be lucky to get a lot less.
  3. I don't like our system but it is better than a one party state. I would prefer a PR system like in Denmark
  4. It isn't fascism we have lots of free trade agreements. Also normally in a fascist state there are not other parties allowed. The obvious example of a fascist state is China of course.
  5. Very true. I don't know why no one cares about this case https://uk.style.yahoo.com/manchester-child-abuse-victoria-135827947.html Perhaps we should change the name of care home to we don't care.
  6. I agree with you although in the case of nurses it probably is bad for the Government because they pay less tax over their lives. Where I live, in a small house but in a nice area two newly qualified nurses could have bought in 1995 without help from their parents (they got bursaries in the early 90s and paid very little rent). Now one of them would need to be a GP or consultant! Sadly all parties want this it is a great shame. I fear most of the public are at best indifferent or at worst pro this state of affairs as well. It make me fear the future for the UK.
  7. I have never worked in the health service so I have no idea what the answers to these questions are but a) Now nurses have degrees are they better at nursing? b) Are they paid enough to justify the cost to them of getting a degree? If the answer to a is no then why insist on it? If b is no then new Labour and the Tories have basically made nurses poorer, how can that be justitfied. If a and b are both no then that is just awful. I think in this case nurses started doing degrees because their union wanted to improve their status (why?)
  8. I would guess because either a) a way of reducing the number of applicants b) some manager likes boasting x% of our staff have a degree.
  9. Sounds a bit harsh but women should be grateful and shut up.
  10. Although if some has never work they should not be given a house but somewhere cheaper. A policy which if implemented would make prices a lot cheaper.
  11. The only thing is that a tax on equity could encourage people with lots of equity to borrow to avoid it. I do share your views though. I would increase taxes on empty homes to penalize those with more homes.
  12. Too slow - this was in the news in the 1990s! I remember people talking about it then.
  13. Very true. I thought affordability was bad in 2001 and it has just got so much worse since then.
  14. +1 See @Locke's answer. If the Government stopped pushing up house prices then this unearned money would not be there. Under your system firstly the Government taxes everyone to make housing more expensive and then taxes some people to make it cheaper - just stop doing something harmful.
  15. How can equity be distributed? HPI doesn't really make home owners richer it makes others poorer. It only makes you richer is you have one more home than children. Or if you don't care about children. The solution is to stop props such as HTB and don't pay people to live in expensive areas making them even more expensive. Which of course would reduce the demand.
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