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  1. Some people might for work or schooling. Of course no point doing it to save £1k p.a. in commuting costs if you have to pay £10k in stamp duty. So it might happen but probably less now.
  2. I suppose it depends on the person Queen Anne had lots of pregnancies and didn't have a single surviving child. At least one might have survived today, I doubt many modern women would change places with her. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne,_Queen_of_Great_Britain#Pregnancies
  3. Very true of course if people are moving sideways house price inflation does not matter but stamp duty does.
  4. Not really, they could just not give housing benefit nor council houses until people have paid £x tax - that would stop immigrants who don't earn much coming here.
  5. I have been to the Amazon and I got the impression that the traditional life is quite hard. To be honest I think that my life is better in real terms* than obscenely rich people in the past, particularly whenever I need a filling. I bet that the last Tsar of Russia would rather have been poor and get his son's hemophilia treated than be rich. *Apart from housing -thanks Tony Blair etc.
  6. Yes as they would not have access to modern healthcare etc and would have to work very hard to eat.
  7. They might not have been in poverty when they had children, or they decided to have children to get council housing.
  8. It is so crazy that if all married women who work in couples which earn more than median were to resign then poverty would decrease because the median household income would decrease, so less people would have less than the median. I know 2 women like that one a GP, one a teacher - obviously them resigning would cause other problems!
  9. iamnumerate

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    I know understand now, I wish schools would encourage kids to do what is good for the kid, not the school.
  10. iamnumerate

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    I really like that idea I don't quite understand that.
  11. iamnumerate

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    It recently wasn't obvious to many career advisors if any as the number of people studying these subjects didn't decrease.
  12. iamnumerate

    University Bubble Making Hissing Sounds

    I think the problem is that people are told when at school, all degrees are equally useful and just do what you want. Hopefully soon people will realize that this is a lie. I wish the Government would publish the percentage of students loans repaid by uni and subject so people know what to study.
  13. Sometimes disruption can permanently kill custom. A colleague used to get a train and the tube, there were some works for a few weeks and he realized that the bus was about the same time and a lot cheaper.
  14. iamnumerate

    House Prices vs Salaries

    We had a depressed economy in 92 and had very little immigration compared to now - and don't have a massive deficit. I don't think immigration causes as many problems as others think but it is hard to argue looking at the past that we need it.

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