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  1. Scroll down to the Boris video and part of your wish is granted https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-54950012.amp
  2. Suspect it'll be personal finance education rather than systems of money, unless the one show has changed a lot since my last exposure to it 😏
  3. I guess it'll be a stress test for the idea that the Euro is an optimal currency area. Here's a couple of hopefully interesting links. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optimum_currency_area https://www.forbes.com/sites/timworstall/2016/06/19/paul-krugman-is-entirely-right-about-the-disaster-that-is-the-euro-here/
  4. Be interested to know why? 😊 Also, including total cost was interesting, thanks.
  5. I don't see he west mids figures in the thread, Wales is there twice though?
  6. He might be a clown, but I'd be a clown for that package!
  7. Mortgage rates will have more of an impact on prices than saving rates so that's fine. And of course... at some point the banks will have to fund the balance sheet outflows selling mortgages will cause so saving rates will have to go up now we're starting towards having a normal market in bonds etc.
  8. I suspect by the end of the year mortgage rates will be above that level anyway, meaning it doesn't really matter. And at high interest rates, longer term mortgages mean compounding works against you significantly. Here's an example from money supermarket before we even get to higher rates: (filtered for a 5 year fix, sorted by monthly cost) Change to 35 years and: So 5 years longer term saves you £82 a month. But what if you take advantage of that to buy more house with the same deposit and monthly payments? So about 5.5% more budget. But what about at more historically relevant rates - say 7%? (using https://www.bbc.co.uk/homes/property/mortgagecalculator.shtml) And now 35 years.... Now you're saving about £59 a month, so let's see how much more that lets you borrow So about 4% more, hardly earth shattering. But! We have inflation above historical norms so let's try historically high mortgage rates: Savings now £42 a month, if we convert that to borrowing Just 2% more budget now.
  9. This one? https://financialmentor.com/calculator/how-much-house-can-I-afford-mortgage-affordability-calculator is what I used to work out the bottom row
  10. Or its an indicator of what rate Lloyds sold 10 year bonds at to fund these mortgages?
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