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  1. They're not even that smart, I suggested (tongue in cheek) on twitter that they should campaign to redirect Shelter's budget to council house construction to reduce housing costs (hmmm... Who would lose from that). They agreed. https://mobile.twitter.com/homeless_nimbys/status/1046445276897120257 Although they have now deleted the tweet so cognition may be firing up.
  2. In the article Busta is asking for free tips on the Portuguese tax trick and then offering to charge people for passing the tips on. Nice transparent business model.
  3. Time for HPCers to sign up then. How else will the traffic numbers justify a suitably tasty exit valuation for the shareholders?
  4. At the top of the same page there's some razor sharp reasoning as to why the billboard doesn't have the full address of the website but instead instructs people to search for part of the address "That issue will not be a non-issue by the time the new billboards are up."
  5. How elastic do you think housing supply is?
  6. Quite... pour encourager les autres
  7. And Heathrow, I've got an ePassport and I went through the gates out and in.
  8. SE10

    At what price will HPC people buy at ?

    No but as they are it's a reasonable way to attempt to assess fair value.
  9. SE10

    At what price will HPC people buy at ?

    When the yield looks like it would be a good investment compared to other asset classes.
  10. "You can always tell when a snake is rattled by resort to running or threatening to run to their over-paid legal representatives." Said Chris Daniel on the second page apparently not talking about dodgy tax structures relating to property.
  11. SE10

    Standing up for landlords

    Good question, I just signed up to do a bit of HPC clicktivism but I can only comment, not vote. Guess we need a certain level of 'rep' before we can rate. I'm going to comment some more!
  12. SE10


    Thanks for the updates @monkey100!
  13. SE10

    May Interview : 13 July, 2017

    More at 10:55 as well.
  14. SE10

    May Interview : 13 July, 2017

    Interview is below. Comment about housing is in the section that starts at 5.28.

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