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  1. Whats wrong with the British companies then? Dyson? Sky? Virgin? Is it because Apple have a better class of tax avoidance. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37348889
  2. New Labour played a big part in reshaping the NHS into a market system ready for privatisation and it is clear who is now running the show. From the various Acts of Parliament since 1990 to the de-funding and hospital closure plans it is McKinsey, the 'Big Four' accountancy firms, United Health of America and an assortment of MBAs who know f-all about healthcare and everything about profit lines who have been calling the shots. And they have got it all in place. Accountable Care or 'place based care' will be coming to the NHS near you any day, along with charges of various sorts and exclusions from the NHS offer. It's the end of the NHS as a comprehensive, universal and accessible service. Say hello to Kaiser Permanente, your new health provider from the USofA.
  3. kjw

    Been Looking Now Close To Buying

    Thanks giesahoose, I appreciate your kind words.
  4. kjw

    Been Looking Now Close To Buying

    I've just viewed a property with a list price of £110K. It's a proper dump but has massive potential. I have £25K deposit and I earn £1.5K a month net. Have offered £95K and am awaiting the vendor's response.
  5. Building a million homes by 2020 could be a pipe dream without urgent housing reforms, according to a new report from homeless charity Shelter. Analysis by research company Capital Economics, commissioned by Shelter, projects an eight per cent fall in housebuilding over the next year, as Brexit uncertainty has seen developers hit the breaks. This would mean falling 266,000 homes short of the government’s target, unveiled last September, to build one million by 2020. Britain would be building houses at the same rate as the time of the financial crash in 2008, it adds. [more at link] http://leftfootforward.org/2016/08/housing-target-could-be-missed-thanks-to-brexit-says-shelter/
  6. Same thing just happened in my area [Kirkby, Liverpool]... 4 bedroom house was up for £84,500 sold for £90,000
  7. Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell has called for more councils to follow the lead of Manchester, Sandwell and Warrington councils which offer local authority backed mortgages. McDonnell said " we have to meet the aspirations of people to own their own home.” The idea of councils offering loans for property goes further than George Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme, which guarantees part of a mortgage to enable people to buy with smaller deposits. http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/may/21/labour--councils-help-first-time-buyers-mortgages-john-mcdonnell
  8. kjw

    Boe Acting On Btl

  9. kjw

    Tax Credit Bonus - Help To Save

    Waiting for the next Tory scam: Any homeless with more than £1m in the bank will be offered housing support.
  10. Npower is in deep trouble with it's debts because it invested a vast fortune in renewable and nuclear energy. Customer services went to Bangladesh about 2 years ago and the finance department went to Poland shortly afterwards because it was a less expensive workforce. They're looking to sell off some parts of the company so it might be a good time for Jeremy to get his twopenneth in.
  11. Will make our exports more competitive......... Next....
  12. Giant Squid warning against Brexit. We know what to do then folks. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/currency/12140736/Pound-could-crash-by-20pc-if-UK-votes-for-Brexit-warns-Goldman-Sachs.html
  13. The London Land Commission (LLC), a body set up by the Mayor of London to identify public sector land that could be redeveloped into houses, says at least 130,000 new homes could be built on surplus public sector land in the capital. [More at link] http://uk.businessinsider.com/london-land-commission-130000-homes-could-be-built-on-surplus-public-sector-land-2016-1?r=US&IR=T
  14. When Carney first arrived in his post at the BOE he set the rise in interest rates as an unemployment rate of 7% - so the Government introduced 'sanctions' and threw everyone off the dole into destitution and said "its a miracle! we don't have unemployed any more!" he wasn't stupid - he saw what was happening and changed the criteria to GDP - so the Government "rigged" the GDP - now he's turned round and said he will NOT raise interest rates again so the BBC and other news sources are now saying he is "flip flopping" and incompetent. Now I'll probably be shot down in flames here but I do rather admire the man. He's very shrewd. But, he's up against some very powerful people so I don't know how long he will last
  15. For all Osbourne's talk, he has managed to follow Brown's failings pretty closely. Bubbles, borrowing and stagnant manufacturing and building.

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