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  1. But dependant on how the market pans, Leverage=Leveraged Profits. Massive Profits. With Little Money Down But lot's do not. And will not. Even with another .75% rise. This is the reality. The majority of people may have more intelligence than you percieve.
  2. Oh RB, do grow up. The 'Bad People'????? You need new glasses.
  3. No, the bears are the twaddle merchants driving this site. Non stop glooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm. Britain may have an aconomy based around consumer borrowing and house building but it sustained rates of 15% before and came throgh with a big smile. I know that now is different because of the borrowing levels but it won't hurt as much as you bears predict. And if it it does, think of all of those loverly cheap properties. OOOooooohhhhh
  4. Er, where? Two stories regarding personal credit and this And you forgot to mention the delay (could be never) in lenders passing the rate rises on to borrowers.
  5. I know it may hurt but................................................ If you have bought right and fixed your deal at an attractive rate (forget the "published" rates) and concentrate on positive cashflow on the properties that you retain (after selling the bosters at a profit) then where is the risk? No more than any other investment. The big plus is that most astute landlords remortgaged so that they have NO personal cash in the deal. Keep em let and keep the cashflow. The capital gains props were sold long ago
  6. 2008 onwards will be the property investors wet dream then. Just like 3rd August for you guys, pass the kleenex.
  7. It was 2002 then 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 now it's 2008. Always so near and yet so far.
  8. I think that most will agree that a loss of equity on paper against a cashflow positive rental property will not matter in the slightest especially as most decent landlords will have structured the deal in such a way that the property is leveraged with none of their money actually in the property. So why sell. As for the redemption penalties. Those that are or want to sell have made so much in the rising market that a grand or two here or there is nothing. So it's no where as bad as you wished it was
  9. The the price of anything discussed on here is irrelavent.
  10. Are you for real? If you think they are a lazy bunch of opportunist unimaginative parasites then you are living in a different country to me. Way, way, way, way, way worse going on.
  11. And the risks have been there for a goodly number of years according to many but your still waiting. Bubb, you have proven the point time and time again that as an investment, property is a fairly poor buy now. In saying that, there are a good many people still making a good living from property and who will probably continue to do so despite the prevailing conditions. Some can, some can't, some don't want to. So why keep playing again and again and again like a stuck record? Your arguments and reasons fall on many many deaf ears as the overiding majority of people here in the UK have, are and will be buying property not as an investment vehicle from which to make money, but as a home. Yes, during the heated decade that we have just witnessed many made lots of cash as a bonus off of their home. But the base driving force was still there. We love having a place of our own. Who knows what is around the corner? It could be down, but in my opinion, it could just as well be sideways with little peaks as well. Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, the UK aint going to stop moving any time soon.
  12. This site is undergoing a massive change. Slowly but surely, despite the best efforts of many, people are starting to realise that there may not actually be a 'crash'. Is the proverbial penny finally dropping?
  13. Apom - ??????? Have a strong coffee before you try posting at that time in the morning. Yes there may be falls and yes they may affect every property in the UK but I for one and getting on with life. You can wait forever for the right time and it may never come. I am happy to have the right family home near to a good school and intend to spend many, many happy go lucky years there. If the price should fall so what. I won't be selling. I could wait until prices drop and get a similar house for half the price. Who knows? And remember, it's only money and you can't take it with you Wish me luck
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