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  1. No, it is done! I changed the password but couldn't copy and paste it to confirm it. So I wrote a random string of numbers on a piece of paper - entered that twice - and shredded it. I still seem to be logged in - so guess the cookie on my machine has been updated. So, logging out now ... just got to keep my resolve and delete the cookie. Good luck to all you youngsters. I really do hope this pans out so you can get yourselves somewhere to call home without a massive mortgage around your neck.
  2. I KNOW! I KNOW! - I really do want to go. But I can't. I don't want to email the webmaster because that will reveal a true email address whereas the one I have on this account is made up. Could you email him for me? Or bring this thread to his attention? I'd be really grateful. Good thinking. Now all I need is the strength to do it. That's why I was asking for the account to be deleted ... can I do it? I'll have a few beers later and see if I can talk myself into it.
  3. Thank you. That is the best laugh I have ever had on here. I have this vision of myself - I've just set off the bomb, my legs are over there, my arms are over there, my head is over there, but I'm still alive! Come on lads, do the decent thing.
  4. I'll beg if necessary. Look I'm still here, I've got bl**dy work to do! And I moan at my kids for being addicted to MySpace. Put me out of my misery. PLEASE! Just think no one reminding you the market might not crash and being able to provide good reasons why not. Come on - get me gone! No more red text in other people's posts answering each point.
  5. Here is a plea to whoever runs this site. Please delete my account. If you do I will not bother creating another one - I know I won't. I can't seem to stop myself coming here and engaging in utterly pointless arguments. It is a waste of my time and I often find myself posting stuff which is uncharacteristically not very nice. So, please do me and everyone else on here a favour and delete my account. I don't have the will power to stay away but, if I can't post, I won't waste my time here. I await my fate. Thank you.
  6. ?????????? Say you're mister average. You have 100k equity in your house. What shall you do - take 30k out and buy a BTL or invest in something you don't understand in a foreign country? With currency risks, political risks, corruption risks etc.
  7. I feel guilty now. Don't know if I am one of those who you see prodding the bears in the cages - if I was - I would like to apologize. My only motive has been to hope that a bit of prodding might spur, to use your words "some plans for protest, direct action" etc. I wish I could go (yeah, yeah ... so do you) but, for reasons I really can't explain, I find this site is a magnet. Anyway good luck with your business. Why don't you try the Priced Out site - it sets out to be pro-active and campaigning which, for some odd reason, this site never has. Bugger it, I'm going to go over there and try to lend a hand. 'Campaigning' to get the half-dozen 'know-it-all' bears on here motivated to do something constructive is a waste of time. What is the point of just making the same points (no matter how well) over and over again to the same audience of two dozen people?
  8. You would have thought the smart guys running pension funds with their multi-million pound bonuses would have seen what was going on and started investing in property funds. But no, that would require using a bit of the old grey matter.
  9. The property market doesn't give a feck about you. You're not in it and you can't afford to be in it. Your actions don't count. Of course there is a rational argument. If property goes up 3% a year for 25 years it doubles in price. So even if you are subsiding the rent by a couple of hundred quid a month, it is still a very good investment. You might not see it but that doesn't matter. Millions do - and they are the ones driving the market and pricing you out.
  10. Well they might ... but many people are 'into' property as an investment because it is too easy to get burned in shares and bonds and gold etc. If I had a second property with a nice bit of equity in it and everything going okay, it would take a lot more than a bit of negative sentiment to make me sell up and move into other investments. Surely it is because property is seen as being so safe and certain that so many people are in it.
  11. Maybe you should have bought one 5 years ago. Still, the one I looked at does have a 'private' rear garden. This is clearly a big advantage compared to the 'public rear gardens' that are a feature of so many properties. A complete tosser is this estate agent what wrote that.
  12. I'm not being funny but it sounds like you have brainwashed yourself. 'Anyone with an elementary grasp of Maths knows the market is overpriced' ... surely that would mean, by definition, that the majority of people do not have an elementary grasp of Maths and that people would not be buying property - or, is there a bit more to it than meets the eye? Anyone with a grasp of history you say ... how firm is your grasp? How many times in the last 100 years have house prices fallen in real terms? It's a bit like shorting shares ... would you describe the general direction of house prices throughout history as up or down? Fear and sentiment is driving the market you say. How do you know what is driving the market? Do you know why everyone with their house on the market today has it on the market? Death, divorce, job moves, bigger house because of children, promotion at work allowing move up the ladder, getting old so selling big house to downsize, purchase of a property as an investment, purchase of a flat because fed up with renting ... what has fear and sentiment got to do with those decisions? I read a biography of Warren Buffet once in which he admitted he was lucky with his first few investments - if they had not come good he would have gone down the pan like a million others. His philosophy - find good companies with good management, buy shares in them and hold forever is great - if you have a load of cash to start off with. For the average Joe, it is useless advice. Not bad advice - just useless.
  13. I'm not hectoring. I'm asking a simple question - why has this site been so ineffective? You tell me. I guess the numbers of priced out youngsters between the ages of 25 and 35 must run into the millions. Why does this site only attract a handful of regular posters? The site got off to a great start - nice bit of publicity when it started - even got themselves on the telly I seem to recall. But, after that, nothing. Pretend you have never been here before and look at the home page. It's a mess. No clear message. No calls to action. Nothing. Just a barrage of information and, of course, adverts.
  14. No, not at all. People will take more risk if they feel it is worth it, or feel they have no choice. So, to get onto the 'property ladder' people are taking on daft mortgages etc. However, there must be a limit. And, extending the length of a mortgage just means you pay interest for longer - the only benefit is it gives you more time to save up the money to repay the capital. The more you think about it the more crazy it all is. I used to build houses for a living. I've put up hundreds of the things. From digging the foundations to laying the carpets - 12 weeks. And the cheapest bricks/blocks/timber/kitchens/bathrooms etc used throughout. And you think people should borrow money for 100 years to pay for this? I'd suggest we go the other way. Anyone up for a barn raising. One day and funny beards for the men.
  15. The questions you have to ask yourselves are: 'Why has this site been SO INEFFECTIVE?' Why hasn't it got half a million members? Why isn't it the focal point of the priced out generation? Why aren't newspapers, MPs, government departments BOMBARDED with emails from the half million members demanding changes to BTL legislation, demanding windfall taxes on property speculators? Look at the tabs along the top ... Home, Graphs, Base Rates, Resources, Books (books! for feck's sake!), News Blog, HPC Wiki, Forum Where is the one called 'Action'? Where are the calls to Action - where is the 'Tell a friend about this site' link? Of course the fact this site is now a commercial entity means it will never happen.
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