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  1. it means that more than half of the country are in the Free 5hit Army. If your not getting free 5shit then your paying for it. Of course none of this is sustainable. wheres my free Shit?
  2. totally agree. i pay tax and get ZERO Benefits. i get zero gain. benefits are a massive wealth transfer scam from to scrounger to corporate profit takers. why should i subsidise scrotes/scroungers ?
  3. are you taking the pi66 ?.. as soon as i get the free money am out of dodge mate..trust me. tis true there are some idiots that have no life outside bein a corporate slave. poor fkers
  4. exactly. another brilliant scam from clodhoppers that brought you the tulip bulb bubble. its insane. the sooner this insane fiat based wealth tranfer bull5hit blows up the better. there is no such thing as free 5hit...
  5. eh? fk that just give me the free money so i dont have to go to work 5 days a week....
  6. i wishey would announce a citizens income in uk. i would stop working within 1 second of.
  7. free 5hit for everybody. socialist utopia. usually end in large piles of dead bodies.
  8. look into benifit recipient you find benefit fraud. look into middle class you finf white collar fraud ie overcrowded letting. we're all fking each other over. welcome to western civilization. same as it ever was.
  9. reliable data from politicians is impossible, as they are proffessional liars
  10. the point is its gov propaganda which the happy clappers will swallow without question
  11. the bbc article is bull5hit, here are the facts The headline unemployment number comes from the Labour Force Survey, in which the ONS interviews about 40,000 people every quarter. That's a very big survey, but as with all surveys it means there is a margin of error. In the case of the number of people unemployed, it means they are 95% sure that the estimate they have produced is no more than 78,000 out either way. So when they say their best estimate is of a 43,000 fall in unemployment, they mean that they are 95% sure that the actual figure is between a fall of 121,000 and a rise of 35,000.
  12. you need to check out the scam whereby people are being disproportionally penalised for having contracted out for a small time...ie 30 yrs in and 2 years contracted out you lose 40 quid a week from the 140 pension....a lot of people are going to be angry when this comes out mainstream
  13. you just dont get it. the benefit system i a massive qe. if they reduced it gdp would plummet. the way it worksis that gov takes most of my earnings in tax and hands it to scrotes who spend it. so instead of me keeping my earnings and saving it for me and my kids...it gets pi55ed up by scrotes and corporate profits increase. the whole thing is a massive scam.
  14. this is a total disaster for people with SMALL pension pots. say 80k pot, takev20k tax free lump sum an you are over the 16k benefit limit FOR THE REST OF YOU LIFE. excluded from housing benefit, jsa, pension credit etc FOR EVER, as thr 20 k you took will be treated as being in your account 10 years later i hate this fking country with a vengeance. meanwhile the free 5hit army can spend their benefits for the rest of thier lifes never having paid a penny
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