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  1. When Germans speak of war we think of Panzers, conquest and Blitzkrieg. They think of destruction, defeat and occupation. Don't worry, they aren't about to start invading people. What Auntie Angie meant was 'don't take peace for granted, remember how bad it was for us the last time there was a war.' She's trying to use it to get her parliament to support the bailout as a way of ensuring stability. The blitz was bad for us but don't forget that Germans were dealt "...the measure, and more than the measure..."
  2. For the past 25 years Germany bank rolled Europe out of a sense of needing to atone for WW2. This new generation of Germans don't have that same feeling of guilt (and quite rightly so). This is a factor and I think we are seeing the effect of this playing out.
  3. "When we undertook the next round of asset purchases, we did it because we thought there were real risks of inflation looking ahead falling below the target and we wanted to offset that." By this he means they printed more money because we think that inflation will go BELOW 2% in the future. I would have thought QE would have had the opposite effect?
  4. Dailymail tomorrow will probably report "Muammar Gaddafi, who until his overthrow lived in a $30m mansion in Tripoli, was found hiding in the ruins of a $250k bungalow in Sirte."
  5. You are probably right. I picked gold because I'm not very creative. I think whatever you do don't leave all your savings in Sterling. One advantage gold has over your cans of beans is I can store a good percentage of my wealth in something smaller than the average mobile phone. There's no chance you'll get peckish and eat it either. I do own some beans BTW but they are for eating, not an investment.
  6. Until they invent a way to print gold it is a good investment for sterling cash holders IMO. I don't really care if my little nuggets are worth more than I paid when I come to sell them. They won't be worth nothing though. I can't be so sure for the £'s in my bank account.
  7. On the BBC article covering this story they have a web form you can fill in the calculate your own personal rate of inflation. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11331052 I did mine and it came out at +6.8% per annum; almost 7%. I consider myself lucky that I got a pay rise of 3% this year. That mean's I have 4% less cash than last year. Thanks Merv and the BoE. Great Job you are doing. Not sure who for though.
  8. This is very unfair and unwelcome news. Still at least it will lead to real growth...right?
  9. Indeed. Ohh the shame. Not sure if it's best to acknowledge it or stay silent hoping the thread will wither and no one will notice?
  10. Could this have anything to do with it perhaps? --------------- 1-Apr-09 Rightmove acquires property-bee.com Rightmove. (FSTE: RMV) today announced that it has acquired property-bee.com. The purchase of property-bee.com, is a key part of Rightmove's strategy to provide a range of new initiatives in the rapidly developing area of web based services to buyers. Following the acquisition, property-bee.com will continue to operate independently to preserve its successful and passionate community. Commenting on the purchase Milles Shipside, commercial director of Rightmove said: "I'm delighted
  11. There is a section on this forum concerning gold where you can get more info. I wouldn't recommend putting more that 10 to 15% of your savings into it. Don't do it to make money. Think of it as an insurance against £ sterling and QE. Consider before you do it that it might not be worth what you paid for it when you sell it and decide if that is acceptable to you. It will never be worth nothing though so you should get most of your money back regardless and there is always the chance that it might be more. It's better than leaving it in a bank account to depreciate every time Merv hits the pri
  12. Good luck with that dude. Personally I put more of my deposit into Gold today. If you buy a house you are betting there won't be a financial crash, I'm betting that there will be. Only one view will be proved correct. In my opinion we are already in one. Take cover!
  13. Oasis were a 90's Beatles tribute act wern't they? And there I was on opening this thread hoping it was a HPC comment from Edmunds.
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