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  1. probably less - its pretty obvious. Same as giving 'help' to people to get on the ladder - it only adds to the price. It doesnt matter how much money you have - it only matters how much more you have than others.
  2. Unfortunately, hes probably right. Because another family member is now working full-time to help pay a mortgage - not only should house prices double - all goods should double. A cheque being sent out to the the top 100 wealthiest individuals in the country for the extra gdp gained. If they ever allow kids down tut pit again - house prices will go to the moon!
  3. I believe we are heading rapidly towards the "return to 'normal'" peak in the lifecycle of a bubble.
  4. Interest Only mortgages could be the next Mis-Selling Scandal! Im sorry - but for me this is the only mis-selling scandal of the decade: "Monetary Policy The Bank sets interest rates to keep inflation low to preserve the value of your money" *taken from the bank of England homepage.
  5. I still have the bus - lived in it for 4.5 years, but have taken work abroad for the moment - will take a holiday in it for a couple of months in Jan. You cant beat the freedom - highly recommend it! I should update that thread I made in '08 sometime with some more pics - the bus was in continual upgrade to make it the perfect pad, and afterall I had so much cash to spare not paying rent/mortgage to do what I liked to it.
  6. If we could - would you - if it could only be used to buy a house? - personally no.
  7. My advice: Get a bus not a caravan - be more mobile. If you spend all your time in 1 spot you'll be sick of it - if you have a new view every few days you want feel enclosed in a small space. Heating a bus or caravan takes next to no time - and you wont need heating at all in the Summer - and therefore you dont need to 'plug -in' - live for free in the Summer not at some overcrowded tourist camp! Buses will run off diesel - get a diesel heater for the Winter that runs straight off your tank. Cost will be approx 1.5 litres of diesel per night (if you love it hot!).. but this will give you
  8. I was going to do an update for my 4th year anniversary this year Im still in the bus, house prices have dropped 20% since then, and I'm not far away from buying for cash now - If I really want to.. freedom from debt, worry, stress etc is so so nice! I'll do some new pics maybe this weekend.
  9. sorry if this has been posted before and I missed it:
  10. How much would you need if you didnt have a 'house to run' - and do you mean mortgage to service? If so - then isnt your cost of living being extortionate your own doing?
  11. I ONLY made 20K for doing nothing - boo hoo! Take that cash and spend it on something that will make you cheer up - ffs! And pity that fool that went an extra 20K into debt for a house that they are worried will fall in value - and they cant get a buyer for. 20K is a LOT OF MONEY - especially if your not going to waste it on a stupid house!
  12. Mr Sign Jacker... Have you ever had any kind of accident in your lifetime - involving cars or otherwise? Would paying a hefty fine prior to that event have prevented this accident occuring? Well done on avoiding the little girl - but perhaps if it had happened on a corner - things might not have worked out quite the same way. Are you saying that you pay so much attention that not only will you never have an accident ever - but will also never have to take evasive action - or even so much as squeal your brakes? ...if so - can I be your insurance agent
  13. I'm sorry mister - this time it was your garden wall - next time it could be a family of 4 cyclist. You have to pay more attention - here is your fine - let that be a reminder to you! As far as your story about the little girl - what if you had to perform an emergency stop - or swerve out the way - ans that caused an ACCIDENT with another car. Should the little girl be fined - or should you?
  14. Im sure the impression I give my clients is exactly the same as everyone else at work - I'm 'judged' on the quality of my work - the hours I put in, how I dress, and how I get on with other staff. Sure they might be suprised to hear where I live - but when I explain all about it, they are usually a little jealous of my freedoms rather than thinking - oh he's a bloody gypsy!
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