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  1. This system used to offer stability but what does it offer now, zero hr contracts and instability.
  2. Can someone buy shares via uk sharetraders if you a non resident?
  3. That's great advice thanks for posting. By accommodation it would be staying with my parents I don't have property. I still have a UK account. Paying the NI something I overlooked, thanks. I earn my money here tax free so I don't want to get taxed by the UK!
  4. Need some advice from anyone who has lived abroad long-term. I left the UK in 2012 because of the terrible economy to work in China. I have made a great life for myself over here and finally I'm making enough money to start investing. I recently found out though that I no longer have UK residence status despite having accommodation and family ties so I can't get an ISA or invest in the market. Foreigners don't have many options to invest in China, Chinese people only invest in property as their isn't much else. Investing in a business here is really risky. I need to start saving for a private pension and the long-term, but I think I screwed myself leaving the UK as I am a non-resident now. I still hold a UK bank a/cc and I have premium bonds and I am starting to look at bitcoin but early everything I know/understand though is subject to capital gains tax. How can someone get a pension/invest from abroad? It must be possible. Any ideas?
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkm2Vfj42FY Scottish economists sums it up..Nothing new to guys on here but interesting how he points out the weaknesses of continued EU membership and the decline of wages to E.European levels
  6. I voted leave. I don't get how the leave campaign has been so quiet since the result. Someone needs to err 'take control'. What are they waiting for? Very disconcerting. Gilts are now below 1% what does this mean? Gilts/ buying government bond are usually harbingers of a recession, right?
  7. I can't stand the unaccountability of the government because of the EU. I know loads of liberals who support the EU, but whats liberal about living in an EU dictatorship?! Issues like worker rights get ignored but trivial things like the size of bananas are legislated beyond measure, its insane. The EU is useless its basically a neoliberal organisation.
  8. Cheers Bruv, I just reposted this on my FB. I have a few vocal 'remainers' as good friends. Its hard not to say anything without offending them or getting shouted down as a racist/nutter delete as appropriate but this is our only chance to leave or at least debate the issue. Ridiculous fear campaign going on. Don't consider myself right wing but don't want to stay. As other people on here have said no one knows what will happen either way so it is ridiculous to assume it will be great if we stay.
  9. I always thought a British passport was one of the best ones to have over others. It's hard to know which way to vote as there is no clear argument about what would happen. My experience of competing with Eastern Europeans for zero hr contracts tells me to vote leave. Establishment figures represent both sides so its hard to give them a bloody nose on this issue. It just seems the average guy on the street gets raped either way here. You can stay in Hong Kong for 6 months without a visa so I don't see what relevance this argument about EU countries has tbh
  10. Does being in the European market mean people are able to come and work in the UK regardless of being in the EU. a friend on FB posted.. leaving the EU has a 99% chance of not changing a thing about the UK borders. Freedom of movement within the EU is not about being part of the EU, it's about being part of the European Single Market. Even if we vote to leave the EU, we will most likely remain in the European Single Market and therefore our borders will be exactly the same (see Switzerland)... I can't seem to find answers on the Brexit campaign site. I think the UK should leave the EU but what is the point if EU immigrants can still come here and those that are here are allowed to stay? Is it realistic to force out all those who have settled here? It would be like a scene from planet of the apes rounding up these poor people..
  11. Loads of companies in the UK want UK profits but Eastern European wages When I was working in a local Amazon type company a few Christmases ago I kept thinking they pay the minimum but want the public to pay UK prices for their shit?! This whole argument about being competitive/productive is complete nonsense they are just greedy. So glad people are starting to see through it. I hope this companies ass gets pinned to the wall for this and they get boycotted..
  12. The middle classes in the country spend money into that country's economy this helps the lower and middle classes. If you kill the middle class that keep the money flowing you get a rich elite class and a poor worker class who do not spend enough 'to lift all boats'- no fabled trickle down effect. This is what is happening in the developed western countries.
  13. Pretty drunk but possibly the most f=cked up thing I have read about the future implications of neoliberalism:- http://www.bloomsburyacademic.com/view/The-Precariat/chapter-ba-9781849664554-chapter-006.xml Screened out because you have balls!
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