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  1. Luna has a very high market cap. It's unlikely to increase in price a lot even if all inflation is stopped.
  2. Great article. Here is Prof Shiller speaking about how Bitcoin could have helped Lithuanians when the communists confiscated everything. It's from 2017. @Warlord
  3. Bought BTC at £200. I am fine. And yes I did top up on some alts with my earned fiat and I have lost 50% in matter of days. It doesn't bother me. We have seen much bigger crashes in the past. If it means having to wait 3 years for another ATH, so be it. However I think this crash will be over within months or less.
  4. Can you give an intellectual response? Tell me why the BAT token that is used in the Brave browser has no utility? Have you even tried using it? Or how about the Arweave blockchain which allows you to use its token to permanently store data on decentralized servers and thus remove the risk of central party removal? Do you know about it? I remember Robert Shiller talking about how oppressed people in a country could leave with their wealth by memorizing the private key. How can you do that with cash, gold or a bank account? Only with crypto can you do it.
  5. You make good points. Just because something has utility doesn't mean it should be a very high price. The fair value price of BTC and other cryptos is a matter study and debate. However a thing with utility and limited supply should not have a fair value of zero.
  6. Will governments be able to transition quick enough? I see a future where both private and government crypto live together. Have you ever used the Brave browser and seen how it has an ecosystem where advertisers pay in crypto, and content creators and viewers get paid in it? How can it exist without crypto?
  7. Crypto has a lot of intrinsic value. Especially utility tokens. BTC itself has utility that other forms of money. In the end all fiat currencies die. We will need crypto for the long term. The reason BTC is falling right now has little directly to do with rates, it because some bots decided to correlate it with the Nasdaq.
  8. We were all new at some point and many of us lost money for months/years. It doesn't last too long.
  9. I meant long squeeze. I personally would buy right now instead of waiting for $30k if I had more money (I have already bought as much as I can). Why risk a $5k difference when BTC would break $100k in a year, and is pretty much guaranteed to do it at some point? That's just how I approach buying crypto when it is cheap. I remember doing it in late 2014 at $300 and it dropped to $200 so I bought again. I don't regret buying at $300 even though it did drop.
  10. Yes they have. Plus many leavers wanted the British to be trained up to take the jobs of these would be migrants.
  11. I agree. I have been in BTC for years. However I wouldn't be surprised if a short squeeze puts it below 25k. I am still very bullish for the next 12-18 months. It's all irrational right now with it following the Nasdaq. On-chain data shows a lot of BTC is being accumulated.
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