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  1. https://cointelegraph.com/news/binance-to-switch-tether-addresses-from-omni-to-erc-20 Binance and other exchanges are switching from Omni (Bitcoin blockchain) to ERC20. It's ominous news, Bitcoin will slowly fade away when the price gets really high. Hello Nokia.
  2. I piled into alts in early 2016. Made a killing that I could never have done if I stayed in BTC. ETH is still a lot higher in BTC ratio then it was in Feb 2016. In fact it is higher than it was in spring 2017.
  3. The scheme’s introduction in 2013 “brought forward price growth significantly”, said Pete Redfern, chief executive of Taylor Wimpey. It acted as “an accelerant” and helped prices hit a peak in many parts of the country, from which they were now flat or falling back. “I think prices would still be growing today if Help to Buy hadn’t come in when it did,” added Mr Redfern in an interview with the Financial Times. https://www.ft.com/content/9d38737a-852b-11e9-97ea-05ac2431f453
  4. But the difference with property is that there aren't so many "experts" predicting a crash. Property is however stalling. If it isn't the big investors who are moving the market then who is? It could be that they are speculating for the short trem before selling within a couple of years.
  5. If they are not buying then who is? There are so many experts in the world of economics and finance who are warning that we are near the end of the economic cycle and that a recession is on the horizon. E.g. Ray Dalio is the head of the biggest hedge fund in the world and he has been vocal about an impending crisis.
  6. Like almost all forums on the net which are not aimed at women (e.g. mumsnet).
  7. Do you think young people have it better nowadays? With all that entertainment and information available to us today on the Internet, I don't know how I managed to go through my childhood without it.
  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/29/nearly-half-a-million-uk-firms-in-significant-financial-distress.html
  9. What is a suitable bet for Bitcoin maximalists vs non-maximalists? I am a MySpace maximalist.
  10. Let's hope there is a big crash before anything like this is implemented.
  11. Why do people always say this on the web? I have seen it on so many Youtube videos. Is it illegal without some sort of certification? Are professional financial advisors really so much better than the rest of us that we need to keep giving that disclaimer? And can you get sued for giving your opinion on a stock going up etc?
  12. Is it sustainable? What if QE money eventually stops working? It may take 20 years or whatever.
  13. Ealier in the HPI shilling Evening Standard I saw an article about a couple who recently bought a flat in Central London and were really pleased that their mortgage reypayments are the same as their previous rent. At the end of the article the issue of paying the interst on the government loan was raised. The man from the couple said that they plan to sell at the 5 year point because he thinks prices will go up. So they are using HTB as a house flipping tool. I wonder how many HTBers are planning the same? If I can find a link for the article I will post it.
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