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  1. Actually the only time alts went up when BTC went up was early 2017. They usually go up when BTC peaks or is heading toward its peak. Go look at the charts for 2013 and late 2017. However I agree that this time things are not the same as 2017 because in 2016-2017 people were looking for something that will replace BTC. They feared that BTC would fail due to backlogs and high fees. But this never happened. Bitcoin is no longer seen as cash but gold. The narrative changed and people accepted it. Also the bear market made BTC look a lot more stable than alts. My view is, alts will retu
  2. I think it's worth being open-minded about RSK too. Unless a person has studies the code and/or knows how something works, they cant really say it wont become big. I still think Bitcoin and coins like it have flaws. Nodes are not incentivised and that lead to small blocks. And a few miners and devs still have too much power. Bitcoin needs to incentivise nodes and sort out the mining centralisation issue.
  3. You are delusional. ETH has out performed BTC in 2016, 2017 & 2020. That is 3 out of 5 years. It's 3.5x vs BTC in 4 years. Why cant you open your mind to the idea that Eth can do things that BTC can't? You sound like a football fan supporting BTC FC 'till I die'.
  4. There are people on it who ordered it when it was first released. You are lucky.
  5. Crypto has a 4 year cycle and ETH has out performed BTC in that time.
  6. House prices will eventually crash because money printing will some day stop working.
  7. You conveniently forgot about the greater number of non-Christians they killed. According to them Christians and Jews get special treatment but other religions and apostates get the worst treatment. Please don't think to yourself Christians are specifically targeted by ISIS. And BTW guilty ISIS members should either be locked up in the the UK or put to death, or even rehabilitated under certain circumstances. This deportation stuff is utterly imbecile tabloid stupidity. Why let let them regroup in Syria or Iraq?
  8. How will they win the next election with this? Too many of their friends own assets.
  9. Kayleigh McEnany Retweeted this. These people are insane. America is dead.
  10. https://www.mediamatters.org/steve-bannon/steve-bannon-and-his-co-host-discuss-beheading-dr-anthony-fauci-and-fbi-director Steve Bannon and his co-host discuss beheading Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray
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