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  1. Love Montana - one of my favourite states Whereabouts? Near Glacier National Park?
  2. US mortgage equity withdrawal and growth of US GDP with and without the impact of MEW.
  3. I'd take Somerset over London any day. I used to commute into London from Surbiton (which in theory should be a short and straighforward commute) - it was the worst aspect of living there - constant overcrowding, constant delays, constant cancellations...........uuuuugh. And it was EXPENSIVE.
  4. I once spoke with a particularly dim letting agent who clearly did not understand the correct usage of the words "cachet" and "stigma". She very pompously informed me that one particular town was "a lot more expensive, because it has a real stigma to it" What a complete thicko
  5. +1 I loved the comment posted elsewhere that he looks like a coach driver and she looks like Rupert The Bear. What extraordinarily bad dress sense they have
  6. Given that they will have free accommodation here, a glorious beach 5 minutes away, fantastic and scenic State Park campgrounds in the area, reliable hot sunny weather and a decent exchange rate several of my friends back home with kids over 3 years old have calculated that it is MUCH cheaper to spend the airfare to come to see us in the States than spend an extortionate amount on Centerparcs in the UK or on even a modest family holiday in Europe. I was astonished at how bloody expensive it is to take 2 adults and 2 kids away in mainland Europe - even to a mediocre resort I've no doubt cam
  7. "A consortium of professional footballers" Who are not, as a rule, renowned for their towering intellect.............
  8. The basic rules of the effects of supply and demand on prices seem to be lost on them. I will be intrigued to see the effect that 700 properties hitting the local market will have on prices when those unsavoury Wilson people try to sell..........
  9. I know that road well!!!!! I am simply gobsmacked that anyone would pay 375K for one of those houses. It has always been one of those roads that does well though - although I'm not sure why. I noticed on Rightmove that another house that I am familiar with in the area is now on at 35K MORE than it sold for in 2006 - after the costs of improvements they'll maybe break even after 3 years - IF they get asking price. Not forgetting deducting the agent fees, conveyancing costs etc etc.....
  10. OK, maybe not mates I think that whilst this may be to suit agent's schedule it is also a well known trick used to make buyers feel pressured to make offers. It's exactly what my agent did when I sold my house - have viewers overlapping - and this was at the PEAK of the bubble - so I've no doubt at all they're doing everything possible to try to create a sense of urgency in a s*it market......
  11. Oldest trick in the book Arrange for potential buyers to view at same time - makes it look like property is "in hot demand'. And I'll bet some of them were the EA's mates
  12. There has certainly been plenty of coverage and controversy regarding the release of al-Megrahi here in the US but I have not seen any suggestions in the mainstream media that Americans are considering any type of boycott of either Scotland or the UK as a whole. Just more hysteria from the Daily Mail.
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