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  1. It is also really important to understand how to use your free time before you get to retirement. It is fascinating how many people say they cannot learn something new (dancing I have 2 left feet, I am not musically inclined to learn an instrument). You spent 16 year at school learning for goodness sakes. Enjoy the gradual improvement in a skill, take it as part of the journey. It is better to have a set of hobbies and skills way before retirement. You do not have to spend time learning something alone. You already have a social circle in place. Any free time you have after that ... go learn something or take up a new activity.
  2. I have been doing 3 days a week (as has the wife) for 4 and a half years. We do a lot of dancing and jamming events (long weekends). Once you talk to the 60+ year old's you make sure you enjoy life while you can! Plenty of people I know have been screwed over by strokes, heart attacks, body giving up. Not sure I would straight out retire in my 50's. Got to sit down, rest, and have a cup of coffee sometime. May as well get paid drinking it, next to a laptop.
  3. Easy for someone to say I only get paid £23k from ... "this business" how many do they run? PAYE income is a small part of your Net Wealth, if you have managed to store up a a big pot of cash. Fergus gifts her money as a gift no limit. She buys a lot of shares just pays tax on capital gains. Its a classic to get paid a min salary, reinvest, claim as many losses against repairs.... then claim dividends isn't it?
  4. It is so weird to see how much crypto has changed since its inception. My understanding was it would enable you to travel around to different countries or websites. Your spending money stored away, avoiding exchange fees, and not tracked. Once transferred into bitcoin you new it had a value, at least you were unlikely to be caught short. Miners recovering bitcoin after its spent, paid a tip for their trouble. Mining is now a company thing, scaled up away from the people to saturation point. The other day my brother walked through the door. "yeah bro I am into Ripple" Blew my mind, love my bro but he usually can be a bit sketchy. Turns out he was gambling with its value on the smartphone. So the joke is instead of a store of wealth it is volatile enough to turn it into a coin flipping game. No doubt if people are buying in and out it extends the volatility. Such a shame.
  5. Hourly rate is key to pulling a 3-4 day week off for sure. To be honest getting to that point required 15 years of graft (2 people). And that was getting a mortgage in 2005 (2004 price). The cost of things now living/shelter is an abomination. No way we are going to compete on the world stage with all our great thinkers renting noisy rabbit hutches. Inventing the next best thing in an 8ft kitchen. No wonder people are off vlogging around the world rather than facing modern day slavery.
  6. Well my Contract (no am not an IR35, max dividend pirate) ended Last month, same place I worked in September 2008. Which was fine, other work was out there. By April 2009 it was a wipeout. Multiple projects mothballed by Clients. So could be pretty soon :O.Currently the firm is hiring Apprentices on mass, just like last time ... next up mass redundancies. The things that worry me about a crash this time is:- The easy work is given to Apprentices, they wreck it because no one is left to train / advise. I was still picking the pieces up from the last crash. No drawing had anything in the same place lol. Where does this lake go, well from what I can tell you have 4 optional locations and 3 shapes :D. Job roles have become design heavy, more stressful. Every time my holiday came up I worked right to the cusp to get things out (tbh the work was fun). But rates are falling already (probably from the last glut of apprentices earning their spurs). Can't see me working for less, rather just switch to a laid back job. Cost of travel. The Gordon Brown mobile workforce, that turned out well. Had a job permanent job offer £550 a month train travel, 30 min train journey ....erm no? I think Ill just hustle, do some interesting projects (got a 3d printer this year). Just wait this one out. Bit of luck I will not have to go back.
  7. I was doing 3 days Tue-Thu, and it was fantastic! Our holidays were almost all long weekends, wife was an Employee so gained holiday at the same time ?. The only thing that is shocking to me ...the large amount of brain drain even with a short week.
  8. I have seen a many one of a kind retail outlets established 20-80+ years just hit the wall. No doubt business rates gave them a good kicking. Cleansing is in full swing just it time to convert to housing, "Yippie". All aboard the, 'Every City high street looks the fricking same'. The irony is many of these were given best small business awards. Discount of your Business rates to help you compete .. hit the road face first. As always with this Government of the past multiple decades. They are completely, "Disconnected horse bolted gravy train bandits first, govern, meh not so much second".
  9. £500 is full survival mode (don't drive, no TV, no dependants). Defo £1000+ would be more like an acceptable existence. Either I start running a small business from home, 3 day a week job again, or a mixture of both, we'll have to see. Getting the old job (3 day a week) back will take 5 years if its like last time. The company went full on Apprentice's, as the main work was no longer coming in.
  10. Lost my job last week, feels like 2008 pre crash to me. My contract ended the same way 2008 (I am working in the same place again lol). work trickled down from manic to 1 day every other week. This work ranges from feasibility, flooding models, to sites modelled in 3D (lots of lakes, mounds, and paths) for construction. So either its far in the future investment or on site being built. Last time the investors for new projects just vanished .... here we go again :D. Our minimum out goings as a couple in 2008 was in the region of £1000 a month. Now the flat is paid off its just £500. We are fully hunkered down, if this is the one.
  11. heres a Gov article Feb 2018 looking into this. https://www.ons.gov.uk/employmentandlabourmarket/peopleinwork/employmentandemployeetypes/articles/trendsinselfemploymentintheuk/2018-02-07
  12. Working at a Civil Engineer practice atm (4th time back :D). The place has gone full steam into pre-grads and school leavers. Employee boss got a 5% rise, I got nadda (contract). Last time i asked for a rate increase it took 8 months (there was no train travel, 20 mins from home so I let it slide). Currently I'm £5 below market rate and there is no agency so that's another £5-7 on top (their loss lol). This time round I am winding down ... and leaving the industry completely. Funny enough I was working at this place pre 2008. 6 months after my contract ended they laid off 80% of the bread and butter Technicians (CAD) and hired ..... yup a shed ton of pre-grads and school leavers.
  13. In a way they are. If your work no longer provides even the slightest luxury why work full time or at all? All aboard the gravy train. I have seen it more often now than in the actual start of the recession (part time tax credits).
  14. I think a crisis could occur from the value of money drastically decreasing lifestyle. While our Government spin plates worrying about middle class, and the elite’s housing investment. You know its fckd when a Kebab and a drink costs more than an hours work at minimum wage.
  15. I have told work I am winding it down by Christmas. Less than 1 day deadlines, Jumping around 6 different tasks as the priority shifts, Software unstable, used the same software for 23 years (I am bored), last agreed rate took 8 months to implement but the going rate has gone up £5 again, all this and the most unstable network drive I have ever seen. Now this is just 3 days a week, this month however I snapped! Got a few things I have always wanted to do as an income stream. Plus I liked a dabble in Ebay (got to £400 a month using 16 hours a month of my time).
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