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  1. Maybe this is more comon than I think, but today I went to see a 2 bed flat in South London (£250k). Located nearest Clapham North Tube, but with an SW2 (Brixton) post code. On the market for a week and no internal photo's online. I get there 5 mins early to see a girl waiting outside, i doubt she's the EA as I spoke to the gentleman earlier. She asks if I am the EA, but reply that we are obviously waiting for the same guy. Two minutes later and another girl comes along, followed swiftly by a fourth obviously viewing the same place. Then I notice some girls in a car, and a couple pull up followed by a gent on a bike. Anyway, so this place isn't massive, but we all bundle into the communial entrance, waiting for the EA to open the door and the key doesn't work. So we trundle out, only to find it was stiff and he got it open, so all head back in. As I said it was a squeeze in there with all 8 sets of people. Maybe this is normal for some EA's, but at times to me it was farsical. But it's scary how many people were in the market for this property at this budget.
  2. I'm in a relatively similar situation, aiming to move to London but dotting between different areas. I definitely get a feel for a place as soon as I get to an area, but it is difficult as a few streets down can have a big impact. For example a friend lives in a gorgeous little 1 bed basement flat in Clapham South, but when I searched for the same area I got places come up a few streets away, but turned out they were ex council places. I still favour Clapham a lot, but for my budget of £250k I find it difficult to find anywhere thats 2 beds and not ex council. Try http://www.stuckinlondon.com/ for reviews of area's, written from a rental perspective.
  3. I've come across a couple of properties with tenant in situ. I'm an FTB that could live elsewhere while the tenant see's out their contract. But what are the potential problems with this? Mortgage - Do I need to BTL mortgage even though I would be moving in once the contract is up? Contract - I take it I would need to scrutinise the rental contract thoroughly before proceeding. Other things like deposit and references would need to be checked and transferred = potential minefield. Any other obvious things that could really trip the idea up?
  4. I disagree. I am a heavy consumer of BBC Media, but nearly zero scheduled TV. I consume their website, radio and iplayer everyday in some way. Bear in mind some of the License Fee goes to C4 as well AFAIK. The quality and impartiality is world renowned and gives the UK a voice in global journalism. And anytime the impartiality is questioned an inquiry happens, this can't be said for Sky News and Murdoch's (questionable) empire. I don't like the way it's 'forced'. But if it was optional it would be a far higher rate than circa £120 a year.
  5. Globrix is easily the best if you're not certain where you want to live. The Map view is second to none. Also I *want* Tepilo to work as it's p2p property with no EA's involved. But it's a startup and has little stock at the moment.
  6. Thanks for replies. I would like to drop a letter round if I'm in the area. Since I first looked a month ago I have installed Property Bee, so just found the property on Rightmove and it turns out the 'mortgagee' or agent was actively encoraging gazumping. I guess it's legal but I am even more confused. Source Rightmove with Property Bee
  7. Probably just coincidence, but this 2 bed flat in Wimbledon was on the market about a month ago. I called for a viewing and was immediately told it was under offer since today, so no viewings. I have been tracking the area on Globrix quite thoroughly since, fast forward to today and I see it again. I immediately call for a viewing and the EA says it went under offer today. I explained that the same thing happened a month ago, and all he conceded was that he was doing some viewings tomorrow, but didn't asound interested in booking any more. I just wonder if there is any reason for me to think this is fishy? It's a good price for a well presented 2 bed in that area - almost too good to be true from my POV. Would there be any benefit to the agent to list properties that are not for sale? Obviously if he tried to cross sell me I would understand, but on both times they didn't try in the least to extract more details from me about what I'm looking for.
  8. I'm an FTB, so excuse my naievity, but I don't really see much of a need for Estate Agents. I can understand that they market a property and provide viewings, but surely a vendor is perfectly capable of doing this themselves using a digital camera, listings on property websites and the will to meet and greet potential buyers. Anyway, what I was hoping is that EA free properties (peer2peer) would appear on existing sites like RightMove. I have seen P2P property sites but all have looked un-professional and not somewhere where I would trust. Then just now I get followed on Twitter by Tepilo http://www.tepilo.com/ which on the surface looks like the profession P2P property site I have been dreaming of. And backed by Sarah Beeney, could it get any better. Looking at it currently there isn't much stock on there, not in the area I am looking anyway. But are sites like these the future, or do EAs still have a place in the web connected world?
  9. Hi Pixie, I'm in a very similar situation financially, and chomping at the bit to buy but taking advice from this site and window shopping constantly. With regard to mortgages I can say I have been checking John Charcol quite a bit. They are a mortgage broker, but the free web mortgage search is very useful as a guide. I tried to take it further but on the phone they said I needed a property in mind before they can offer advice on rates. Perhaps there are more online mortgage searches that I don't know of, but if you google it there are a lot of 'fake' ones, that just ask for a phone number so they can hassle you on the phone. I was told 4.8 x salary was achievable, but looking at the rates it would be about 50% of monthly income. Not sure that's realistic.
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