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  1. It's all about making money though isn't it. It's shouting out to the general public "hey, look at the shed loads of dosh you can make property developing and renting out" It's promoting the get rick quick mantra. The opening titles feature piles of bank notes increasing in numbers with the faces on the notes smiling in joy egging us on to 'fill our boots' . Who exactly is this programme targeted at? All the long term unemployed sitting at home watching these ever so clever property developers reel in thousands of pounds from little or no work. Is it meant to make them aspire to be one of the property developers or to make them feel like worthless, societal misfits undeserving of any of life's material riches? If they're not careful, this sort of programming with it's subliminal 'you're not worth it" messaging might eventually provoke a riot.........oh, err, hmm, too late.
  2. Great post, should congratulate yourself on the originality of that one. Wonder how may consonants they have in Mandarin, which let's face it, is going to overtake English as the global language soon.
  3. Caius, pob parch i ti am drio roi safbwynt y Cymry i'r pobol ma ond i ddeud y gwir, ti'n cnocio dy ben yr erbyn wal, mae'r rhan fwyaf ohonnynt yn doriad i'r carn. Trist clywed pobol wedi eu geni yng Ngymru yn lladd ar y iaith. Welsh language Nazi's! Who coined that term eh? Nazi's? Crikey, slight bit of irony there surely. A minority group facing ethnic eradication at the hands of their bigger and ruling neighbour and you call us Nazis!!
  4. A home is the place where you currently reside as I have found out having been a renter for several years carting my family around when tenancy agreements come to an end. No point haqving an emotional attachment to a place if you don't own it.
  5. Probably more to do with trying to give the impression of it being an affluent area, "cor, look at the fancy motors in the drives of these houses, this must be where the rich folk live!"
  6. Caught this today. Two former comprehensive school art teachers who had given up their jobs to become property developers purely to make money so that they could realise their dream of making art. Bought at auction for £130k with a budget of £20k to renovate. This was their first attempt and they hoped that they'd make ten to twenty thousand pounds profit. They say they weren't really bothered about making a huge profit as this was a 'first step' so long as they didn't 'lose money' and that the money from the sale would be put forward towards their next venture. £5k over budget at the revisit and they hadn't even finished. Timescale for refurbishment was 6 months (what's the average wage for a comprehensive schoolteacher for 12 months? was that factored in?) Looks like they'll be trawling the pages of the TES soon looking for teaching vacancies, boo hoo! Ho hum
  7. Tories and BNP tell me to vote No, so I shall vote yes.
  8. Work colleague was on about her friend today, has a house she bought some 20 odd years ago for £16k rented out. Apparently the flat roof is leaking so she has had to fork out £3k to sort it out. As if that's not enough, the tenant has the audacity to complain about the bathroom condensation and insists that an expelair device should be fitted. Anyway, on questioning my colleague, she says that her friend now owes more on the house than the house is worth. Hmm I say, i take it she never made any effort to repay the mortgage and with costs and inflation etc she still owes more than £16? No she owes more than the property is currently worth!! I assume a house of £16k in 1985 would now be worth about £150-160k Apparently she has used the house to withdraw money by increasing the mortgage so that now the rent doesn't even cover the mortgage and she has to top that up from her own funds. She's nearing 50 with no realistic means to pay the mortgage off. A house that she bought for £16k that she now owes ten times the initial amount on! Flabbergasted! How common is this scenario though, live for today, you're long time dead etc. Spend spend spend don't worry about tomorrow, just live your life for today!
  9. That's what I thought when I did a 'last 24 hours' search earlier. Where there are normally no more than 10 a day, there were 5 pages today! Either the one Estate Agent, which seems to be listing most of them, has managed to relist all properies somehow or a lot of vendors have moved to this EA for whatever reason. Prices haven't changed a penny though, despite some of these having been on for over 4 years! Anyone know the reasons why properties that have been on the market for ages are occasionally relisted on rightmove as added to site in the last 24 hours despite not having dropped a penny? God I hate the term 'property'!
  10. Near me, you can buy a 3 bedroom terrace for £100k, you can easily get £500-£550 rental here. My colleague has no mortgage himself, the mortgage no doubt would be secured against his home. He just fails to see where he can fail given what the EA fed him.
  11. Work colleague today was saying he was considering purchasing BTL as his savings weren't earning enough in the bank. I tried to put forward as many arguments as possible to put him off but it was very difficult to discourage him. He'd spoken to a financial adviser (resident at an EA) who told him that there was a glut of people waiting to get a rental. Renter would pay off his mortgage and within 20 years and the house would be his. Thing that gets me is there are thousands of young people out there who can't afford a mortgage to buy a house outright yet they CAN afford to pay a mortgage via the landlord who no doubt takes his cut with a 10% fee going to the EA for marketing and rent collecting etc. That in itself is enough to make you rage but after reading the original post it makes you realise how rigged the whole system is, feel like throwing in the towel
  12. Couldn't give a feck about you holidaying here or not, what I do give a feck about is when you sell your overpriced inner city bedsit for a few million you get to buy several country cottages or sea side retreats in my ancestoral homeland. Wish you'd all feck off to France to set up your fish bars and paddy bars there, I mean it's actually warm, sunny and dry there, it feckin pishes it down here! Cynts the lot of ya!
  13. Don't remember Eric Cantona being locked up for terrorism!
  14. Yes, you're right, the EAs are just acting on the vendors behalf. Yes, I'm in contact with the previous EA and they are able to put forward any further offers on my behalf. As Mildura says, the original EA will be working exclusively on securing a sale with me so it does offer some hope.
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