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  1. yes, very true with the circulation as it's now doubled to 600,000. They're not however going to give the space away for rock bottom prices, they can't afford to with all the reporters they're still employing and the very big plug to fill given it's not 50p any more. I'd guess they're probably selling space in the region of 3-5k per page.
  2. The Wednesday issue has always had a property section . Tonights is the first time in about 18 months i can remember seeing a section of about 28 pages (usually about 6-8). Full of estate agent pages with their properties to sell. I sense optimism from agents of bankers bonuses flooding the London market. Misterc.
  3. it does make sense BL! read the 2nd paragraph again. circumstances are different for us all!
  4. our outgoings (give or take 5-10%) would be comparable whether we chose to buy or rent. you want to rent. me and the other half don't want to rent. let's agree to disagree! misterc.
  5. +1 should complete in the next 8 weeks and we've factored in a further 10-15% drop, as i agree there's more fall-out to come, but we aint going into this purchase thinking we've gotta make money - granted we don't want to lose, but over 5-10 years, during which time we would have started a family, i'd expect the property to be worth no less than what we've paid for it...not going into it to make money - it's about having a home. if there's an area where you want to live which you've been trying to find somewhere for the past couple of years, where there isn't much choice to buy because it's a settled and good area what are you meant to do? pitch a tent up in the park and and tap into the local power supply?! yeah, that'll really go down well. it's easy to generalise, and i agree with your sentiment (OP), but circumstances are different for us all. misterc.
  6. +1 in good settled areas where there's a mere trickle of property coming on the market, i've not seen 30% drops - it's been nearer 10% off, but only for properties that have been sitting there for 6 months+. me and my girlfriend have seen good properties new to the market go under offer within a couple of weeks - and given what we've offered over the past 6 months, they've either gone very close to the asking price or in excess of it. maybe in areas where there's a decent supply and a choice for buyers there are bigger discounts to be had - but we haven't seen it! misterc.
  7. aylesbury's a big area with an over supply of houses and particularly flats, you won't have a problem renting there! quite a diverse population, links into london in an hour - depends what you're after. some nice villages outside aylesbury, but again it depends what you're after and what your budget is! misterc.
  8. lovely area, but what on earth is going on here? how does the buyer / agent think they can get away with this price?? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...p;sc_id=3941390 it's appeared this morning, and was sold at a savills auction at the end of may for 219k...now on for 280k - see link below. http://www.eigroup.co.uk/auctioneers/templ...av&l=537485 a very good property across the road from this went for the same price a couple of months ago, has an extension at the back, off road parking and generally is in better condition. all they've done on this one is a lick of paint and put in a crappy looking kitchen and new bathroom - with all associated costs for buying/selling, they can't have spent anymore than 10k. they are having a laugh!! misterc.
  9. sorted...don't know how it happened, but glad it's back to how it used to be! misterc.
  10. mods...what's the reason behind the new format for posts? i found it great to be able to scroll down and scan posts (unfortunately i don't have hours to sit at my laptop) - instead now i have to click on each post listed at the bottom...a right royal pain.. can you shed some light...don't know about other users, but i'm gonna struggle to use this website as much as i can, cause i don't have hours to click on each fricking post ta misterc.
  11. You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into... misterc.
  12. highly frustrating when this happens and you do start to wonder whether the agent is simply playing you against yourself to up your bid. have a figure in mind you think the property is worth and stick to it - it's very easy to get sucked in. based on increased transactions this year, if the property has been on the market for longer than 3 months then it's either over-priced or in a not so good location. if it's recently been put up for sale, you know the property market for the area, then my experience is you'll need to be pretty close to the asking price (just comes down to how badly you want the house). girlfriend and i have looked at a fair few houses over the past year - but what we're finding is houses are coming into our range that we wouldn't have dreamed of 2 years ago. patience grasshopper misterc.
  13. true if the builders can be found to start work, it doesn't get round the fact, whilst overall un-employment is rising, flogging a dead horse...transactions still way south, prices still falling.... blah, blah, blah, blah..... misterc.
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