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  1. Recession is over. Confidence is returning in the housing market. Thats why.
  2. Who is this Tony Bonsignore guy anyway? Just because he spouts some HPC propaganda he has got some wisdom right? Funny how anything from anyone bearish is being taken as gospel on this site... Fact remains, HPI is back. or if you prefer HPC is over. Best window to buy a house was early this year (when I was saying to buy and fix the mortgage on the then good rates). Another missed train scenario beckons
  3. Hamish, andykn, Sibley, Rinoa, and others regular bulls.....man up a bit! Let's boycott this site for a while. What's the point now? Let's the bears self-congratulate, pat themselves on the back and wallow in every doom mongering economic news they can find. Let them have their one sided discussions ad nauseum. After a while, it will become so boring to them all, they will leave one by one. This site will go down the pan for good. Those left will discuss where to find property for 90% off peak price.
  4. Another thing with trolling the bulls How come saying prices will drop 90% is not trolling? How come it is happening after several succession of house price rises? Why no warnings? What rules were broken by having a different opinion to the mainstream one on this site? Clearly, any visitors will judged this place as being a biased, group-think forum where liberty of expression is banned if its contradicts the prevalent thinking. As I said I do not care for being trolled, the fact is I have been proven right. HPC is dead.
  5. andykn, why getting so worked up by being trolled? I coul not care less At the end of the day it just means that you have been vindicated. Mods are in panick mode TBH. This site is full of loonies thinking they will buy a house for loose change. House purchase has always been expensive and always will be. Hence why it takes a good 20-30 years to paid it off. Just because a correction has happened, some HPC poster are getting caried away somewhat into thinking houses should cost almost nothing. Be true to yourself. I stand by my words.
  6. I have been saying it for a while here. Decent family homes is decent places are selling at or near asking price. There is no chance of getting them at 20% off peak selling prices. This is especially true is the SE. Your point about IR is spot on too. What benefit is it to wait in renting accomodation for paying say 10-15% off, if the IRs will make one pay MORE overall over the term of the loan?
  7. Very true. This is another thing I have been saying for a while here. Headline falls figures are almost irrelevant when talking decent family homes in decent areas. These properties will only sell at or near asking price. Full stop. There is no chance of getting the supposed 20% off discount from the 2007 peak selling price of these places. Only saving grace will be repos or forced sell. (But typically owners of these places will have enough equity to find a way out should they face financial difficulties) Yes the minging stuff, the shoes box flat will sell with deep discounting, and this will drag the indice down. Your point about IR going back up is spot on too. What benefit is it to wait renting and buy with say 10% less than 2007, if the IRs will make you pay MORE overall over the term of the loan? It just does not make a lot of economic sense.
  8. It is going from bad to worse now for the bears. My predictions have been confirmed. I fear for the mental health on some on this site. Oh well, at least I tried to warned you lot, HPC was going to be over in spring/summer.
  9. Let me get this right. How many times, it is being said on here a signicant increase in IR is one of the surer way of getting the crash going. (Mainly forced sellers driven) Now, here we have an article stating IR may stay low for the forseable future, yet you are predicting the same outcome as IR going up scenario?
  10. Tiny minority? A hell of a lot a people have got their fix deals ending this year, the year after, and beyond. These people will be on a very attractive IR, this will prevent them from being forced sellers.
  11. Low IRs is preventing default rates to increase, meaning less forced sellers. Considering a lot of HPCers are waiting for forced sellers to snap a bargain, this is a big spanner in the work. If the article story materializes, that's another 5 years wait. Not very good for renters.
  12. That's not very good. The "bears" are feeling threatened. House price crash is not playing out like they have "predicted". Now they are in a mission to chase away those who rightly predicted things will not turn as bad as they hoped. Oh dear. Desperate times for desparate actions
  13. Can you do a bit of detective work on my first posts? I am sure I have always said the crash would be called off round about spring/summer. I want to make sure I was right.
  14. Big myth indeed. In actual fact, when faced with the propect of unemployment, should there be a mortgage to repay, then there are several options available such as: Arranging a new payment plan with lender to reflect new circumstances. Changing the way payments are made. In some cases paying back over a longer period. Changing the type of mortgage temporarily converting to an interest only basis. Lastly the Government Homeowner Mortgage Support Scheme. So yeah, not sure why bears treat unemployement rise as a de facto drop in house price.
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