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Hang On - Do The Numbers Add Up?


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First para gives the answer, but figure 7 and its para give some additional info.

Here's a website from the Institute of Financial Services. Following the links, enter your net salary, and it'll place you on the graph to where your income is related to the rest of the country. There is a massive lean on the left. Each 10% of the population is grouped into decile groups. By looking at the graph, it appears as though over 60% of the population earn under the mean wage of £25k (£366.49/week after tax).

The modal wage is £175/week after tax.


How much is £175/week after tax? Go to:


Enter the gross salary as £10500 per annum, and you're there... £174.09/week. What's worrying is that that particular wage is the top of the 3rd decile group, meaning under 30% of the population are UNDER £10.5k a year... shocking. :o

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