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  1. reaching a bit there... Google and Facebook burn vast quantities of energy doing things that are arguably making the world a worse place. But this is somehow deemed perfectly acceptable.
  2. yes, the omnipotent UK government (who have successfully maintained stable inflation, they are that powerful!) will definitely not allow it.
  3. True words, but a bit of a cheek coming from Brexiteer right-wing media shill disaster capitalist Kate Andrews (of Legatum / Institute of Economic Affairs fame...)
  4. agree it's a big part of the problem, but my suspicion is that people focus on supply too much. mega-low interest rates have played a big role in stoking demand
  5. left wing newspaper concludes that flagship right wing policy is the cause of all housing market ills SHOCKER.
  6. should a third world war start we will all be vapourised in the space of a few hours. and quite frankly, if the human species is so dumb as let this happen (we used to have concepts like MAD that at least reflecting some level of rationality and self-preservation, but I guess the collective IQ has dropped a fair bit in recent decades), then it deserves to be wiped out.
  7. In my case it is because the resultant negotiations and likely messy break-up will hit the UK and Scotland quite hard in the short to medium term, so hitting me where it hurts (my wallet). I'm a foreigner, so no emotional attachment, but my wife is Scottish and my observation of her family is that their desire for independence is driven strongly by left-wing politics. I realise that the plural of anecdote is not evidence, but if that is replicated across a plurality of voters in Scotland (and I suspect it might be, since Scotland tends to be more left-wing than England) then I don't think it bodes particularly well. In order for independence to be a success, I suspect they need to follow the Irish route (nimble, entrepreneurial, attractive to international capital). But what do i know.
  8. No system will make the 99% rich (at least given our current rate of technological progress...) Best you can probably do is engineer policies that will lift the earnings of the average person (and cap inequality). something a bit like the Nordics, I guess.
  9. I'm not sure what you're saying, could you please be more direct.
  10. Dunno, feels like we tried this one before somewhere. as I recall, didn't work so well...
  11. another armchair general predicting everything will be OK cos "they need us more than we need them" - as I said, Brexit redux... and btw, Scotland walking away and paying nothing increases the UK debt to GDP ratio by around ~8.5%. so hardly a train smash and not exactly a killer negotiating tactic...
  12. right, okaaaay (don't disagree about the English self-harm part, though).
  13. even Alex Salmond reckons that membership of the EU is no longer realistic given that this would erect a hard border with Scotland's largest trade partner.
  14. yeh lol, great start to independence by repudiating any share of uk debt, when the uk would be your largest post-independence trade partner by far.
  15. no, it's a fact that large heaps of BS emanated from the mouths of Brexiteers stating how easy and amazing Brexit would be. if you feel triggered by me saying this, that's your problem.
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