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  1. don't know about other areas of tech, but for a London-based data engineer role with a decent amount of experience you can easily get 100k+ at the moment, so that salary sounds really low end
  2. yeh sure, the bit you miss is that you are Irish - a poor foreigner (i.e. me) starting out in ireland ain't going to get a massive field attached to their house (in fact, property market there seems even madder than the UK, if that is possible). from that PoV the Netherlands is better (higher salary, lower CoL).
  3. you are right about the delusions of superiority, and i hope you are right about the country not being stuffed.
  4. yean I don't know. obvious that no brexiter can deliver, but personally don't want to see the country trashed in order to prove it. would be a bit of a hollow victory...
  5. Don't know about the last bit, investigated a move to Ireland / Netherlands over the past few years and salaries / living standards in Netherlands are streets ahead of Ireland. Long term, the Netherlands is probably the best candidate for the gateway to Europe (not least because they have the highest standard of spoken English amongst the current EU member states).
  6. maybe, but trying to force a referendum was definitely and agenda for some (and I wish they had succeeded). it was high risk though, and we ended up with a much worse deal.
  7. Not sure what the initial experience was like, how long it lasted or even if it is a relevant comparison to the EU-UK situation
  8. Doubt it would be a case of rejoining, more likely ending up in a customs union or even the single market.
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