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  1. great clickbait headline. try this one crazy old trick to solve all your mortgage problems. building societies will hate you!!
  2. At a glance, can this be true - isn't it actually worse? If migrants have an overall +ve contribution and the budget is balanced, surely UK citizens must, on average, have a negative contribution? unless there is some mystery third category...
  3. The inequalities that are rooted in colonialism definitely play a role in maintaining that lifestyle (the "benefit" that flows to the SA middle class of having a permanent pool of cheap labour). However, cheap property is a big (and underappreciated) factor too. One thing that always strikes me is the rate at which SA cities expand - case in point, when I was at school, we lived for a while on the edge of the city (I could see open fields from my window). 20 years later, that same house is now in the middle of suburbia. Obviously there are pros and cons to this, but it certainly helps to mop up excess demand.
  4. parts of Cape Town, probably. or the Garden Route perhaps. Most of the crazy crime stats / stories relate to Johannesburg.
  5. but I thought you never met a nice South African? or maybe he wasn't such a good friend after all..
  6. nonsense, plenty of black wealth (e.g. Ramaphosa himself), surprised you never saw that on your many visits.
  7. nah don't worry, most older people will stay there because the general standard of living is so much higher in SA (if you can tolerate the ever-present threat of crime) and the instability will probably not turn into outright chaos within their lifetimes. TBH the main reason we come to work in the UK is the chance to save without capital controls (well that's my reason anyway). If I was saving in rands, I would be stuck there long term. Although I am sometimes tempted by what my GBP deposit would buy me in one of the nicer Cape Town suburbs...
  8. Zuma is the fool who thought that showering after sex with an HIV+ woman would reduce his risk of catching an STD. Enough said.
  9. you seem to have some quite strong opinions about SA and its people. Have you ever been there?
  10. looks superficially similar to the SolarWinds debacle, right?
  11. this fool paid 250k and didn't even get a shag. he could have had no end of Ukrainian prossies for that kind of money.
  12. funny how the energy use only became a problem in the last few months as the price has shot up.
  13. depends if the underlying populations for those two groups were homogeneous (e.g. demographically similar).
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