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Can I Have Some Help Please?

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Can anyone suggest a good place to search for cars.

(dont bother with the usual car supermarket stuff - I know about them)

I live in the NW and am looking for a diesel people carrier/estate - but I will go nationally if the price is right.

Any links to reputable garages or dealers would be appreciated.

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I strongly suggest reading the car buying advice on the following websites:




I have not used but have read a lot about good prices from:


Are you looking for new, pre-registered or second-hand? Again, the first 3 sites above have a lot of useful information in helping you weight the pros and cons of each. I find the Readers' Reviews on the first two to be of use also.

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Yep, autotrader, or the auctions, you just need to be wise in what you're looking for, If you're going to the auctions know what to look for around the car, and the same goes for if you go to see a car advertised in autotrader, 12 month MOT and tax is a must, go for a car that you know is gonna be a good one... I've been driving BMs for years n i know what models are best to bag,, big engines are what to go for, make sure the timing belts been changed recently.

Personally i'm nearly in the market for a new car after being banned the bastards, the filth don't like young lads in posh cars so my victimization finally caught up with me and i lost my license, but i'll be going for a 34 or 39 5 2 and a half maybe 3 litre.. Them things'll run forever with a little care, toying with the idea of a tourer so i can blend in with normal traffic a bit more and keep the heat off me.

Depends on how much you're willing to spend really i suppose, but if you're gonna spend over 5 grand and you tick all the boxes when viewing things you should have no problems.. When you drive them , any distinctive rattles mechanically be warey. Any marks in paintwork knock them down some hundreds on about how you're gonna have to spend cash putting the paint right.

Any links to reputable garages or dealers would be appreciated

Theres no such thing.. I've been knee deep in the business and i know this... Garages exist because they make money from foolish people who are prepared to pay 2 grand over the odds on a car they've bought and literally parked on the forecourt ready for sale again.. If garages say "aaaa we don't get any cars from auction" - and they will, don't believe it, cos thats what they do. Money for old rope and theres people silly enough to pay it.

Auctions mate, if i had a few grand, auctions... But i wouldn't got for a people carrier personally, you'll get a far better vehicle for the money in an estate car. German machines < !

Why do you want a diesel?... you thinking you'll save money in running costs?.. never happened anymore mate it's the other way round now, diesels more expensive than petrol since the Big Brown realised an opourtunity in revenue...Seen i dunno how much money you've got you should've said this... But in the past i've converted cars to gas.. This'll cost you about a grand to install and regardless of how many miles you'll be looking at doing, you'll probably be saving money before the years out bread at barely no loss in performance. great things to have gas tanks, motorway you can drive 24 hours before you're gonna have to refill n to do that'll cost about 30 quid... To fill up on petrol you'll be looking at 50 or 60

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