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Ey Eurozone Forecast

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Ernst & Young conclude that the Eurozone has emerged from its longest recession in at least three decades. However, recovery will be slow, with access to finance still being a major problem as both the public and private sectors.

Apparantly there has been a surge in job vacancies in some areas

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The Eurozone will remain reliant on export demand to support growth.

I think I detect a flaw, just who are they going to be exporting too?

Everyone is reliant on the export model, so everyone is going to run a surplus?

Can't find the piece on the global trade surplus. Clearly that figure is going to get even larger.

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Like I said in my post the other day, there is a worldwide surplus of Labor which global demand does not and will not need.

The model is broken - Machinery and technology have reduced the global quantity of labor, the end result UNDER THE BROKEN SYSTEM is many are forced to work 40+ hours in non-productive jobs whilst other sit around unemployed.

A more balanced system would mean more people working 30 hours per week for the same pay.

The is no point producing stock piles of finished goods (I'm looking at you China) as people just do not want or need them. The initial phase of ooh look I can buy some plastic crap for a £1-£100 has worn off GLOBALLY.

Theoretically you could increase demand in the east in places like China, India but that would mean the western elite taking a huge hit.

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