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  1. I can't see prices shifting up or down unless the cost of borrowing changes (interest rates), or somehow forebarence comes to an end and reposessions start. Seems unlikely with the help-to-to-stay-in-you-job scheme and global interest rates creeping into negative teritory.
  2. So, I guess if you were a pension fund and held funds in a bank, every now and again you'd transfer some funds into the centeral bank to mitigate risk from the bank you have your account with. If you were a bank though, you would just keep the cash in your own bank at 0%. That is unless you were worried about your own banks solvency?
  3. Who buys these bonds? Can't they just keep the cash or the money in their account yielding 0%? Also why do centeral banks set negative interest rates rather than simply stop accepting deposits, as this would put cash into the economy?
  4. If it seems or looks dodgy I won't transact with a buyer. There's always plenty more out there willing to buy. The other half has one person wanted a used S10 from here via facebook, could only pay via paypal but needed to use paypal credit blah. blah.... Needless to say that sale never proceeded. Not worth the risk.
  5. About time for discussion on the impending bond market collapse that the Chinese have finally allowed to start happening. Beginning with several Chinese government owned aaa-rating companies defaulting on their bonds. State-owned miner Yongcheng Coal and Electricity defaulted on a 1 billion yuan ($151.9million) bond last week Government-backed chipmaker Tsinghua Unigroup, which missed payment after failing to extend its deadline for repayment, State-owned Huachen Automotive Group — a Chinese joint venture partner of BMW. China Evergrande also came under the spotlight for reportedly having cash crunch issues. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/20/china-bond-defaults-by-state-owned-firms-spark-concerns.html
  6. Quite, the guarenteed second wave is all about money printing. My main concern is what are they planning as the next cover for bailing out themselves and the financial system?
  7. I know that the sales of a general hardware retailer with over 400 shops is down about 40% which I think is a good figure to be basing the decline in economic activity on. Do we really need all this activity anyway? Much of GDP is artificial anyway
  8. Last time car sales collapsed, the government rigged the second hand market by scrapping perfectly good cars. Not being one to buy a car under 10 years old became a bit of a problem for me as there's a lot less cars about from on 07 to 10 plates.
  9. I'd hang fire with London. Many will finally be able to move away with the improvements happening in work from home. IMO Central London is likely to drift south fro a decade as people move outwards
  10. So you wish from burning oil (diesel) to using electricity inefficiently transmitted and produced from mainly burning gas and coal? Bonkers!
  11. IMO manufactures and their franchised dealers woulld rather destroy cars than reduce the second hand values. Reducing second hand values would cause PCP to blow up Lower second hand prices on nearly new would lead to manufactures having to cut new prices Basically they cut prices and the car manufacture debt bubble blows up. Expect to see help-to-buy-a-new-car scheme from BOE/governemnt soon. Nothing down, 0% interest rate and 10 years to pay it back.
  12. First direct offering 5 year fixed at 1.64%. all it would take is the now to change affordability rules (due to Corona virus) and you'll have a crack up housing boom on your hands. If everyone could borrow 500k for a house, then the minimum price would be 500k
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