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  1. Last time car sales collapsed, the government rigged the second hand market by scrapping perfectly good cars. Not being one to buy a car under 10 years old became a bit of a problem for me as there's a lot less cars about from on 07 to 10 plates.
  2. I'd hang fire with London. Many will finally be able to move away with the improvements happening in work from home. IMO Central London is likely to drift south fro a decade as people move outwards
  3. So you wish from burning oil (diesel) to using electricity inefficiently transmitted and produced from mainly burning gas and coal? Bonkers!
  4. IMO manufactures and their franchised dealers woulld rather destroy cars than reduce the second hand values. Reducing second hand values would cause PCP to blow up Lower second hand prices on nearly new would lead to manufactures having to cut new prices Basically they cut prices and the car manufacture debt bubble blows up. Expect to see help-to-buy-a-new-car scheme from BOE/governemnt soon. Nothing down, 0% interest rate and 10 years to pay it back.
  5. First direct offering 5 year fixed at 1.64%. all it would take is the now to change affordability rules (due to Corona virus) and you'll have a crack up housing boom on your hands. If everyone could borrow 500k for a house, then the minimum price would be 500k
  6. Spoons is also going to have to dispose of a lot of it's fresh goods and open kegs, like our local pub has had to do. I expect some or all of this wastage is claimable against tax?
  7. Spoons could take out a loan to cover the wages. There's plenty of funding available. If they don't cover it, many of the employees will end up borrowing to cover the shortfall.
  8. I was explaining to the other half earlier that this time it's 5 to 10 times worse that 2008 and that the world won't be returning to the way it was. No idea what the new world will look like? I'm not sure if China really needs the west? They can now rely on internal consumption and growth. Things will be different here, like returning to the 90's or is that wishful thinking?
  9. Silver up 7% today. Kilo bars selling on fleaBay now for £600 and rising, up from £500 in a week! Paper silver at £443 (VAT adjusted) I reckon people realise that paper silver is a con, so have stopped buying it hence the price differential
  10. If we nationalise everything that's about to fail, then change the name of the Conservative party to the Communist party I think we will please many on this forum.
  11. What if we don't bail out the UK owned airlines, but other countries bailout theirs? That will be a problem for us. If one is country's bailing and printing, then we all have to.
  12. Where's the BOE has a new governer thread?? I missed that on Monday the positon was handed over. I must have been way behind the curve on that: https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/news/2019/december/andrew-bailey-announced-as-new-governor-of-the-boe I remember the good old days of slagging of Mervyn on these very pages 🙂
  13. Now would be a good time to start selling takeaway or good quality ready prepared meals. You'll need to adapt to survive.
  14. Time for me to write a book: 101 uses for dried pasta and loo roll
  15. I DJ at weddings, birthdays, karaoke nights etc. on a part time basis. I speak to a lot of DJ's on facebook groups. Many of them have been having large quantities of cancellations as venues close and weddings are cancelled. I had been thinking about the imact of many of the following groups of workers loosing some or all their income globally, Restaurant staff, bar staff, hotel workers, Airlines, DJ’s, Entertainment venues, entertainers, public transport workers. Student venues and hangouts, bingo halls, arcades, holiday camps, plus many more I haven't thought of. Would you reckon a hundred million jobs lost worldwide for the next 3 to 6 month whilst the virus is at it's first peak. That's a bigger impact than 2008 when a few house builders and banks went down and globally together at the same time +/- 14 days I guess the government will have to give everyone money 'check in the post' or freeze rent, mortgages, council tax, utility bills so that a massive deflationary collapse is avoided. I think it could be a few days to late for that though. If the world goverments print and hand out cash, I'm thinking that after the defaltioinary collapse is over rapid global inflation will begin due to the lack of supply of goods. If the goverments do that, then we have another lost decade but worse than the last?
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