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  1. Me and the misses see a lot of old and disabled people, in Lidl and Aldi with huge amounts of alcohol. It's becoming a game of spot the alcoholic! I'm sure my elderly relatives and elderly neighbours drink far too much. A pandemic of functional drunks!
  2. What are your thoughts on the LME and Nickel debacle? I think it’s now quite obvious that if the price of precious metals rise too much they will close the markets and bail out the banks or losing bets?
  3. I can see the recession in our eBay sales. People ordering smaller quantities.
  4. That's going to put up the prices for low value ebay items a bit 1.05 + 13% + 30p (ebay fees). Will now cost people £1.49 to revieve a empty bubble envelope (assuming the envelope was given away for freee).
  5. Us "Tin Foil Hatters" don't look so stupid this week do we? I guess we get it right once every 10 years 😃
  6. We have gone from a nation of shopkeepers to a nation of landlords I'm affraid.
  7. It's certainly the end for many around here. Every day the M5 has been shut due to jumpers 😮
  8. A lot of fellow DJs have been losing work this last couple of weeks. New year's Eve being the best paid gig of the year for most.
  9. A coal burning stove might be the answer to the heating problems 😉
  10. Looks like the stops have been shaken out by the banksters. I'm calling the bottom. Blood on the streets and lack of interest in the metals. It can only go one direction from here.
  11. Gold bugs are quiet these days. Must be at a the bottom I guess?
  12. I can't see prices shifting up or down unless the cost of borrowing changes (interest rates), or somehow forebarence comes to an end and reposessions start. Seems unlikely with the help-to-to-stay-in-you-job scheme and global interest rates creeping into negative teritory.
  13. So, I guess if you were a pension fund and held funds in a bank, every now and again you'd transfer some funds into the centeral bank to mitigate risk from the bank you have your account with. If you were a bank though, you would just keep the cash in your own bank at 0%. That is unless you were worried about your own banks solvency?
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