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  1. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    1 in 200 in temp accom, 1000 a month homeless

    I agree older people should owe far less. This is unsecured debt, though of which I can imaging a good chunk of that £80m PER DAY increase goes directly to landlords. It's almost like a proxy house price bubble mk2.0. Unsecured debt -> Tennant -> rent -> Btl landlord -> Mortgage -> Bank -> Grade A bonds If there were no unsecured debt paid to landlords then tennats woul;dn't be able to outbid each other on the rent. To add, it may not be the rent coming directly from the creait card, it could be all the living expenses whilst 100% of wages go to rent. Same thing really.
  2. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    1 in 200 in temp accom, 1000 a month homeless

    After a little searching, im sure it's unsecured debt driving up rental prices, I found the following data: https://www.pwc.co.uk/press-room/press-releases/uk_s-unsecured-debt-mountain-reaches-p300bn-or-p11-000-per-house.html It's going to be interesting. We have reached the turning point. GE has gone bust, the other companies that indulged in the same behavior will be going tits up shortly. With interest rates rising and stock markets falling there will be a withdrawal of unsecured credit. Makes me think that BTL will be hugely impacted with many having to rent at much lower prices as tennant's won't be able to borrow to pay the rent. Certainly looks like a turning point in the market.
  3. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    1 in 200 in temp accom, 1000 a month homeless

    100% of them will be in cercumstances where they are unable to earn enough to cover living costs, that's for sure. I'd hesitate that there would be a 50/50 split between mental health issues and parents of young children who would find it nigh impossible to hold down a steady job with enough hours to pay the required rent and associated living costs. The conservative idealoligy is to throw these people under the bus, which they have to apease thier voters who can now point at them and see how better they off they are even though they're eyeballs in debt and living in some BTL hovel. It's all about contrast. If the governemnt were serious about helping these people then they would be making them undertake compultory personal development and self-improvement skills. And for those few who really need it should be given sickness benifits and phsycological support.
  4. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    1 in 200 in temp accom, 1000 a month homeless

    My question how are rents so high? Is it the unsecured credit boom (credit cards) supporting rents? It's not wages or housing benifit!!
  5. In cities most land is built on anyhow, but constructing high rises is essentially creating land within the city. Also in the UK it's really land that has planning in the case of property.
  6. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    Buying Silver

    I have bought from goldsilbershop using the German Section 25a UStG differential VAT rules (Only vat on difference between buy and sell prices, not total price) https://www.goldsilbershop.de/silbermuenzen/1-kg-silber-australian-koala.html Also eBay can be great when they have a 10% discount and even 20% cashback (quidco).
  7. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    Food inflation

    You must be shopping in Tesco, they always put up their prices at the end of November by cutting special offers. No difference in Lidl. Good 29p veg this week, £2.39 for a 'small' chicken which is rather big IMO. Pineapples cheap at the moment. Not seeing food inflation myself shopping in Lidl/Aldi. When shopping at Tesco when they send me the £7 off when you spend £50. I can see their prices are 20% to 30% more for most basic items. Farm foods have gotten expensive. Asda & Morrisons are still reasonable for some items.
  8. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    HPI comes to Mobile Homes

    Not to mention that they would be bloody freezing this time of year.
  9. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    Max children for benefits

    I see, so you would need to be employed to get these untold riches. I thought that Tax credits had been replaced with universal credit and minimum of 30 hours work and capped by the universal credit cap?
  10. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    Max children for benefits

  11. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    Max children for benefits

    I agree that there will always be those unproductive members of society who do not want to work. I have met many of them in my life time and am of the opinion that they are best left to their own devices on a minimal income. Pulling those that' refuse to and don't want to work into the workplace is a drag on productivity and disrupting to those that want to work. Of course those that do want and are willing to work should be encouraged and have help available. With high rent's and house prices there's always going to be a huge poverty trap at the bottom of society. Having kids places a huge risk on becoming stuck in the trap.
  12. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    Max children for benefits

    Let's say you decide to have 4 kids and one parent leaves or dies?
  13. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    Max children for benefits

    I don't see how it's that generous really as each extra child increases the benefits payment by £13.70 a week, barely enough to buy food, clothes and all other the other little things schools and kids expect
  14. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    Max children for benefits

    I used to believe in these hard caps, but I changed my mind in recent years. My partner had her first a month after finishing school. She didn't even have a boyfriend/partner at the time, but her parents pressured her into keeping him - what do you do at 16? Her parents pretty much brought him up. Later she met her last partner and had 2 children together, quite reasonable you might think. He left her and basically disappeared so no maintenance payments so she's left as a single mother with 3 dependants. Pretty hard under such circumstances looking after 2 young to find a job that pays enough to rent a house, pay all the bills etc. You cut all the benefits the it's just the children who suffer as she receives about £70 a week on income support to pay (reduced) council tax, water, electric, gas and buy food.
  15. Wurzel Of Highbridge

    The Bubbly Bitcoin Thread -- Merged Threads

    I got some super rare tulip bulbs if anyone is interested. Word is they could be worth £100k next year, a bargain at £4k each!!

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