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Control Will Be Total

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So now people are creating devices which can monitor everything we put in our mouths.

New Scientist

Are these people seriously so naive that they aren't making this and thinking "yep, no problem - be good for people's health this."? this could be used to monitor behaviour, ration healthcare, enforce rehab programmes the mind boggles.

When I read of Dr Oppenheimer's regret about his part in the Manhattan project I used to think probably some 'on the spectrum scientist' very clever but no understanding of people. But c'mon, am I the only person watching those

videos and visualising petman's children chasing people through a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Built to test chemical suits - yep very plausible.

I'm beginning to think that people suspect what these things will be used for, but they just don't care.

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Can it detect BJs?

Given that it can only be fitted to braces and dentures for now, I suspect the receiver of the BJ might be the one to detect it....

Hmm - future chat-ups could involve showing smartphone evidence of your extensive skills in oral?

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