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  1. I'm surprised your hero Vladmir Dobby has time for all this, considering he is busy murdering people in Britain. Dobby's second assassin sidekick has now been unmasked as Alexander Petrov. Errol, you sure picked a **** for your fanboi fawning.
  2. Shame that in the REAL world, as opposed to Errol's imaginary Russia wankfest, Russian air defences can't actually tell the difference between an Israeli F-16 and a larger Russian surveillance plane. Errol, your risible puff-pices for Russian 'supremacy' are as laughable as they are tedious. Errol - troll or bot, that is the question.
  3. So the wonderful Russian air defence systems that we are constantly being told are the greatest, can't tell the difference between a Russian reconnaisance plane and a smaller Israeli fighter. It's the Israeli's fault! They outwitted us! Not fair!
  4. People on this site rightly criticise Banks for providing easy credit fueling the House Price boom. As a result of the 2008 financial crisis, banks have been forced to lend more prudently. Bitcoin is risky. A sound rule of investment is to risk only what you can afford to lose. f you are having to borrow on a credit card to buy bitcoin, you cant afford to buy it, so can't afford to lose it. Banks can, and should, decide what they will, and will not, lend money for. That is what banks are supposed to do.
  5. Move a fraction of a coin from a disputed bitcoin address, proving the address is under your control, and thus the coins that are/were in it are/were.
  6. Well I'm not leaving HPC. You don't get rid of me that easily.
  7. I always printed out TV programmes to look at them later. Cost me a fortune in paper.
  8. The election is of course important. But I'm bored with the press coverage of the election already, and most of that so far is in my imagination. Endless election trivia. And I don't even have a TV.
  9. Ah I see. I wouldn't consider the people I miss most as 'extremist' just a little non-PC.
  10. Certain regular posters have gone AWOL the past few weeks. Are they just on holiday or has there been a purge?
  11. He is full of polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. He is in fact a vast oozing bladder of pure health.
  12. Or, in the case of Charlotte Church or Lily Allen, just piss off.
  13. I don't even notice the gender of other drivers. I can hardly see into their cars. Actually, my cataracts mean that I turn on my foglights at inappropriate times.
  14. Wimmin who always leave the toilet seat down. Too lazy to pee standing up, too lazy to restore the seat to it's correct position. I think I'll tell Mumsnet.
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