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  1. Come on, that's not the way we do leaving on here. You have to have a fight with Brucie, or a flounce because of something someone said. Best of luck anyway.
  2. I was wondering if people could be persuaded to look at a well-made video of the view of Britain from a plane.
  3. I hadn't realised how much I want the Scots to vote Yes until I read that piece. Come on Scotland! Please make sure you make the new country worth living in(ie not a banksters plutocracy), you'll help everybody in the UK in the long run if you do.
  4. Check out who will make money in the City from the deal, then if they are donors to the Tories. Wouldn't make any difference if it was Labour, they're just as crooked.
  5. True, how excellent, we'll maybe get a Labour/LibDem coalition or a Labour government as a result. That should change everything..... Oh, wait........
  6. It will be a bombshell, but only if he wins.
  7. If AV had gone through UKIP would have already shaken the system to it's core. As it is, they're just noise.
  8. sorry hard not to laugh. You should never consider moving somewhere where you couldn't stand living if you split up with the partner. Try Spain. Easy language, nice and sunny, cheaper than the UK, charming women.
  9. OK, well I can certainly understand anyone's disillusion with LibLabCon. Are you expecting UKIP MPs to be honest, altruistic hardworking people with only the best interests of the UK and their electorate at heart?
  10. No, I'll grudgingly accept that is a strawman. The part about UKIP representing NIMBYs I do not withdraw, there's plenty of evidence on their website. I wouldn't worry about the silly criticisms of Farage, as mentioned by others I reckon they work in his favour. Regarding EU membership, most of the main negative points for the UK could be improved dramatically through changing the UK systems. Just as 3 small examples : Access to welfare and housing restricted to people who have paid into the system. Child benefit restricted to 2 children. Sending UK judges on a course to become more intelligent, patriotic and authoritative in their implementation of EU laws.
  11. Sure, UKIPs average member will still be able to visit his French house which he bought cheaply while lobbying against any being built in the UK. Insufficient valid arguments against EU withdrawal? There are so many that it would be hard to know where to start. Many of the arguments presented by the LibLabCon are false though, on that I wil agree.
  12. Who cares? He'll get into parliament eventually, he might even get a few other UKIP MPs one day if he can find some better candidates. Won't change a thing. It's a distraction. With adequate control systems properly implemented the UK's EU membership would be fine, it's not really the EU that's at fault but the UK for being so incompetent and poor at dealing with the situation.
  13. What you've described is a shell, and it might even have structural damage if it's been treated like that, 220k isn't that cheap for something in that condition, it will cost a lot to do the entire interior of a 6 bed house.
  14. How much How much would Romania and Bulgaria have had to pay the EU to offload most of the Roma community? They'd have paid anything that was asked(judging by my Romanian colleagues thoughts about them), but they got it for free.
  15. I'm not even resident in the UK but I still wish it well. The banksters have the UK population by the balls, and it isn't UKIP that will change that. They're not even practical. Look at the main themes of this site :- Are they proposing massive construction of social housing(with no right to buy)? No. Are they proposing releasing large amounts of land to individual developers? No (quite the contrary in fact). Have they any workable, practical solution for managing the massive numbers of existing legal and illegal immigrants after they close the borders? Not to my knowledge. They're a distraction, and it's working, even for the "enlightened" on HPC. Injin was a bit barmy but he wasn't wrong about the banks.
  16. I am perhaps more nervous of whining materialistic tendencies appearing in women than others due to my current predicament, bear with me if I appear a little cynical and jump to conclusions.
  17. Sounds good, excellent even, perhaps I was misled by your other post saying she wanted a 4WD followed by the mention of complaints about not having enough cash.
  18. Might be worth it to a gentleman with a punternet stable.
  19. Not really. What is HTB and HTB2 if not a different sort of printing? It all magicks money into existence.
  20. How about "Go and earn some more then" as an answer to that complaint? If she says that now imagine if she sprogs. I earn what is by UK standards a lot of money, but a family and a demanding but not very productive wife eats it all up.
  21. German prefabs can be made almost any way you please. You meet them with their CAD tools, then they present you with a few options, then your choice is made in a factory. Small footprints with a full basement as part of the house (ie so you still get a decent house even with the small footprint) are commonplace for them, far more so than in the UK building industry.
  22. I guess the association with UF (which was also very cheery until the likeable Skinty went a bit manic-depressive I think) must be the explanation for my high warning count as I must be one of the most bland and uncontroversial posters on here, or maybe it was for saying Brucie gets a bit little-Hitlerish sometimes, he's a sensitive wee soul :-)
  23. I have 7! I must be really naughty and radical ,dude! However when I click on the warnings link it can't display what they were for.
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