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I can't see any problem with it, unless of course you are bartering things which only the government exclusively has control upon, such as alcohol, tobacco, fuel, medicines, etc... and you are evading their regulation and taxes.

They can't stop you from agreeing to trade your pig for a chicken and a shovel, for example. Farmers have been working this way the whole time... well, that and a big billroll under their hat ;)

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Just bartered some plastering at my place here in France in return for helping said plasterer fit 6 Velux windws for one of his clients. Not only saved €€€€'s but learned how to fit Veluxes at the same time...

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You are legally required to value any services or goods you require in £, and to pay the appropriate amount of tax in £.

Wouldn't there be a incentive to undervalue the goods/services?

Can the tax man alter what you value your trade to be worth?

You also have the problem if you work in this way how do you get £ to pay the tax man his share?

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